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Interview: Mike Carr of BT

01 April 2008

What does a company such as BT get from its massive spend on research and development? Access to the world's scientists and the ability to form an opinion, the chief scientist tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

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Chief science officer Mike Carr: unless something is available globally the economies of the technology won't work

With this issue, Global Telecoms Business is beginning a series looking at the business of innovation in the industry. Which operators invest in innovation, and how do they manage that process? And how do you measure the return on investment in innovation?
Some operators outsource the process of innovation to independent organisations, or rely on the industry's traditional vendors — and later in the series we'll be talking to those in charge of innovation at some of the key suppliers in the business.
Later in the year GTB will be awarding its second annual Innovation Awards at a ceremony in London — see this link for details.
The first feature in this series looks at BT's innovation strategy. In the May/June issue we'll be talking to executives Orange Labs in Paris, and...