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Make a profitable service from unified communications

01 April 2008

View from the Top: Jon Doyle of CommuniGate. Smart network operators should learn a lesson from and offer software services to small and medium enterprises

Jon Doyle: web-delivered applications will be a welcome change

I still have to get my head around and smile when I hear the term "SaaS" — software as a service — versus the old term ASP — application service provider. But nevertheless the trends are strongly validating this concept.
It's many years since ISPs began to offer messaging and other technologies as an outsourced "pay as you go" model. This became increasingly popular as technologies became more complex, and smaller businesses wanted access to technologies that only large corporations could traditionally afford.
One of the rising stars of the SaaS model in the last couple years is certainly and it amazes me as I travel around to see the international scope of its user base. also gains from the fact that business users are much more...