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A world of opportunity awaits to grow your wholesale business

01 February 2008

View from the Top: David Sharma of Telus highlights the need for the right global partnerships as carriers look for growth outside their home markets

David Sharma: unprecedented opportunities by offering customers access to applications without adding to infrastructure

The globalisation of the telecoms industry is a prolific trend heading into 2008, compelling operators and service providers of every kind to look for new revenue opportunities beyond their national boundaries and traditional business constituencies.
Perhaps the greatest challenge to emerge in this period of change is for operators to identify trusted partners that can help them grow: trusted partners that can provide the technologies, applications and knowledge to take advantage of a landscape that is becoming rapidly deregulated without competing for the same business.
Carriers that develop an extensive understanding of the concerns of senior executives throughout the industry as they come to terms with a world in which rules, players and technology are evolving with increasing speed will ultimately succeed in this increasingly collaborative environment....