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China’s booming market

01 December 2004

In the bustle of Beijing and the calm of a Shanghai research centre Alan Burkitt-Gray looks at how ZTE is making inroads into international markets. He talked to company vice presidents Shi Lirong and Ye Weimin

GTB Nov Dec 2004

Pp 16-17


Supplier interview: ZTE

Telecoms exhibitions are noisy, but the Expo Comm show in Beijing at the end of October 2004 must have been one of the noisiest ever — particularly in the hall where China's competitive operators tried to attract the attention of new customers with music: live or recorded, it was loud, very loud.

In the next hall, a little bit quieter but still a few decibels above the levels familiar to docile Europeans or Americans, ZTE was nursing a secret on its stand.

Without anything in the way of a fanfare — though with fanfares blaring out across neighbouring booths — the company launched the world's smallest, lightest and most compact 3G handset: 104 grams, 88.5 by 44.6 by 22.5 millimetres, with a 300,000 pixel camera for still pictures or video calling, and high speed data download.

ZTE's senior...