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More lasagne, please

01 July 2004

The move to open standards in the telecommunications industry means networks and services will be developed in layers, like lasagne, suggests HP's Sebastiano Tevarotto. Don't worry, that's the only food metaphor he uses in this interview

He's Italian, with a clearly Italian name and, despite his many years with Hewlett-Packard in California, an Italian accent. So Sebastiano Tevarotto is allowed to use this metaphor for a significant change he sees in the telecommunications market.
?The telecommunications world is moving from spaghetti to lasagne,? he says. Er, sorry? What is that again?
Lasagne, he says. The architecture in telecommunications is being horizontalized, because of a move to open standards. This is allowing operators to pick and choose between competing suppliers, instead of being locked into one that uses proprietary systems.
He likens the proprietary approach, where one company supplied everything throughout the system, to spaghetti. ?And spaghetti architecture has an opex that is unbearable,? he says.

Well, maybe this metaphor isn't as meaningful as it might be, so let's leave the pasta alone and get back to talking about the industry as it is, and as...