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Fraud at the heart of telecoms

01 July 2004

Telecommunications operators are losing 10% of their revenues through fraud and related losses, says Azure CEO John Cronin. As the market develops towards paid-for premium content, the position will get more complex

John Cronin
John Cronin sits in his office in the City of London and contemplates the millions of dollars a year that the telecommunications industry loses through fraud. It will get worse, he says, knowing that — as CEO of revenue assurance company Azure Solutions — he is one of the few people in the world who can perfectly legally do well out of the losses that are sucking maybe 10% of revenues out of the industry.

Cronin and his colleagues in the company have worked hard over the past couple of years to alert senior executives in telecommunications operators to the size of a problem they would apparently have preferred to ignore.

"Today leaks are about 10% and it will increase over time," says Cronin. "With more content providers, fraud will get bigger. The problem will get worse."

Azure, which has grown up from being an offshoot of BT's research...