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MFN building on first-to-market advantage

01 December 1999

Metromedia Fiber Network is building next generation broadband optical networks in 67 metropolitan areas world-wide. MFN aims to be the leading provider of private fibre-optic networks. In October 1999 Bell Atlantic acquired a 19% stake in the company. Chairman and CEO Stephen Garofalo talks to Global Telecoms Business about this acquisition and MFN's plans.

Metromedia Fiber Network (MFN), established in 1993, is building fibre-optic networks in 67 metropolitan areas world-wide. The company aims to lease the fibre on a fibre/mile monthly basis to telcos, companies and government users, seeking to establish secure communications networks for the transport of large amounts of voice, data and video.
The world-wide network will cost about $3-4 billion and cover 3.6 million miles. The company has targeted high usage business markets and major economic centres in the US and Europe. MFN will be able to maintain a low-cost base, by laying up to 864 fibres/trunk in these metropolitan areas, which should dramatically reduce the company's cost/fibre mile.

The company has funded the cost of the network build in different ways. In October 1999, MFN announced that Bell Atlantic had bought a 19% stake in the company and agreed to buy dark fibre infrastructure from MFN in a...