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Annunziata: crossing new frontiers?

01 September 1999

Founded in 1997, Global Crossing is building the world's first seamless fibre-optic network. The carrier also recently acquired Frontier, a leading provider of facilities-based integrated communications. By the end of 2000, it aims to serve customers in the world's top business centres. CEO Bob Annunziata talks to Global Telecoms Business about the operator's prospects.

Founded in March 1997, Global Crossing had already raised $4 billion by the end of 1998. Global Crossing announced its mission of developing, owning and operating the world's first independent integrated international network. The company is rapidly building major fibre-optic undersea cable systems and terrestrial facilities.
In May 1998 the operator launched the first of its undersea cable systems, Atlantic Crossing (AC-1), which links the US, the UK, the Netherlands and Germany. Pacific Crossing, a 21,000km, four fibre pair self-healing ring, connecting the US to Japan, should be ready for service in March 2000. Its South American Crossing is scheduled for service in early 2001. In September 1999 it announced plans to build an advance network in Asia, Asia Global Crossing, through a joint venture with Microsoft and Softbank.

Global Crossing aims to exploit increasing demand for high-speed broadband connections. The explosive growth of the Internet and the potential for...