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WinStar gains access through broadband wireless

01 July 1999

WinStar Communications, founded in 1993, has already deployed 400,000 lines in the US. As the first operator to deploy broadband wireless technology, it has a head start on competitors and is luring customers away from the RBOCs, with various offerings and pricing plans. Chairman and CEO William Rouhana talks to Global Telecoms Business about the operator's strategy.

WinStar Communications, formed in 1993, has been aggressively building its broadband wireless network. The operator is already recognized as a leading player in broadband wireless. In the first quarter of 1999 the operator had revenues of $88 million. In 2000 it has predicted total revenues of $600 million. The operator also plans to go EBITDA positive by 2001. It is targeting 110 markets, both domestically and internationally. David Barden, a telecoms analyst at JP Morgan, believes that the operator is well-positioned: "We think that they are a leader in the broadband wireless space. We view broadband wireless as a very powerful economic solution, delivering broadband solutions to a certain section of the market - buildings which currently don't have fibre and which would support less than OC-12 demand on aggregate in terms of capacity. We think that there is a big segment in the market which falls within the economics of broadband wireless. We think that there are very few players that can take advantage...