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Covad leveraging the advantages of DSL technologies

01 June 1999

Founded in 1996, Covad Communications is already the leading independent provider of high-speed data communications services using xDSL technology. It was one of the first to perceive the benefits of DSL and is exploiting its first mover advantage. Robert Knowling the president and CEO talks to Basil Ballhatchet about Covad's plans to have the largest DSL footprint.

Covad Communications was only founded in 1996. However, thanks to its ability to perceive the benefits of DSL, in particular the speed of deployment, the net-centric services provider has rapidly gained market share at minimal cost. Michael Bowen, telecoms equity analyst at BT Alex Brown, comments: ?Covad was really one of the first to go out and grab a lot geographic space if you will in the central offices of the ILECs. So they really were anywhere from 12-15 months ahead of the competition. They have a tremendous number of central offices that are service-ready in the neighbourhood of I believe, 370 central offices as of this last quarter, which places them a little bit ahead.?

Covad Communications has been focusing on the provision of services to small businesses and ISPs. However, they are now looking at the consumer market. Bowen notes: ?They are not competing directly against the RBOCs yet. They...