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Malaysia to play a pivotal role in multi-media

01 June 1999

Malaysia is liberalizing its telecoms sector and has passed one of the first pieces of legislation to address the issue of convergence. It is also spearheading a multi-media project that has been compared with America's Silicon Valley. Malaysia's minister for energy, communications and multi-media, Dato Leo Moggie, talks to Global Telecoms Business about developments.

In 1998 the Malaysian government introduced the Communications and Multi-media Act. The act has been acknowledged as one of the first pieces of legislation to address the issue of convergence and heralds the potential introduction of so-called cyberlaws. The act also represents a step forward in the country's plans to achieve its "Vision 2020": 2020 is the year when Malaysia aims to become an industrially developed nation.
The act provides a legal backing for Malaysia's multi-media project, the Multi-media Super Corridor. The greenfield site for the corridor, 15km x 50km in size, runs from Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur, to Sepang International Airport. This project is intended to be a test-bed, enabling the world's most advanced technological companies to join forces and develop new multi-media products and services. It has been described as Asia's version of America's Silicon Valley.

The country's focus on new technologies and the convergence of telecoms, IT...