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Telecom Egypt at the core of the Golden Pyramid

01 April 1999

Telecoms in Egypt remained fairly stagnant until 1997, when the government took steps to liberalize the cellular sector and corporatize the incumbent operator, Telecom Egypt. A modernization programme is also under way, which involves the installation of millions of new telephone lines. Telecom Egypt's chairman, Abdel Fattah Abou Serie, talks about the goals behind this programme.

The Egyptian government initiated partial deregulation of the telecoms sector in November 1997, announcing plans to open up the mobile sector to competition. It also indicated that the incumbent, Telecom Egypt, would be corporatized as a first step before privatization. At the same time the government has launched a modernization programme in the telecoms sector, with a number of projects involving foreign manufacturers, geared at improving teledensity and network quality. The government realizes that, owing to its unique geographic location, Egypt could be a regional hub for telecoms traffic for Africa and the Middle East.
In an interview with Global Telecoms Business, the chairman of Telecom Egypt, Abdel Fattah Abou Serie, talks about the modernization programme, restructuring and the operator's role as a potential regional hub.

Despite plans to transform Telecom Egypt into a profitable joint stock company, so far there have been no staff reductions, as Abou Serie explains: "A...