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Nextel innovating to corner the wireless business market

01 March 1999

Nextel Communications is a leading wireless operator in the US. The company has built up one of the largest digital national wireless networks. An innovative operator, it had 2,000,000 subscribers by June 1998 and plans to double this number by the end of 1999. Chairman & CEO Dan Akerson talks to Global Telecoms Business about the operator's plans.

Nextel Communications is a leading wireless provider in the US. From an operating standpoint, it is considered to be one of only three national carriers in the US, along with AT&T Wireless and Sprint PCS. Nextel is aggressively targeting the business market. The company's digital network now covers more than 65% of the population. It provides service to virtually all the top 100 markets in the US. The company also has a growing portfolio of international investments with a number of operations in Latin America and the Asia Pacific.

Nextel has gained a reputation for innovation, following the launch of its "Direct Connect" service. This enables the user to speak with one person or more at the touch of a button on a Nextel phone. It allows someone access to co-workers instantly to direct projects and meetings at very low cost. This form of instant communication makes this product one of the...