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Retevision: constant change is the only way forward

01 February 1999

Retevision, previously the backbone provider for broadcast TV in Spain, was awarded a full telephony licence in 1998 prior to liberalization of the Spanish market. By the end of 1998 Retevision had already attracted over a million customers. Retevision's CEO Anna Maria Birules talks to Global Telecoms Business about the company's plans.

The Spanish fixed-line market was liberalized on December 1 1998. Two companies were awarded full telephony licences before that date. One of those companies, Retevision, was founded in 1989 as a public company to manage the television network. It is now positioning itself as the main alternative operator. By September 1998 Retevision had installed a fibre-optic national backbone.

Lucia Grande, a telecoms equity analyst at Merrill Lynch in Spain, believes that the company has come a long way within a short space of time: "They started in January 1998 with indirect service offering national and international long-distance services. They were able to achieve significant increases in market share in the first six months of 1998. I think that the management has done a very good job, making people aware of their company. They have been in the press almost every day. They are very clear about what they want to achieve." ...