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Interview: Sanjiv Ahuja of LightSquared

15 September 2010

Ahuja’s wholesale-only LTE network due to go live in US in mid-2011

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LightSquared, Sanjiv Ahuja’s latest telecoms venture, will be launching its wholesale-only LTE service in four US cities in 2011, boosted by satellites to give rural coverage. Ahuja promises it will never go to the retail market, but device makers are a target 

Ex-Orange boss Sanjiv Ahuja: LightSquared is the first in the
world that will provide wholesale-only broadband connectivity 
Sanjiv Ahuja is about to launch the first LTE wholesale network in the US, with a target of 92% population coverage in five years via 40,000 base stations. "It’s an ambitious plan, but a plan we’re comfortable executing on." says Ahuja.

But LightSquared will have no retail customers of its own: it will sell capacity only to other service providers or, interestingly, device makers. The company plans to start building out its network in December 2010, followed by...