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Interview: Colm Delves of Digicel

22 September 2010

Privately held Digicel launches broadband in Caribbean’s fast-growing markets

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Digicel, 100% privately owned, now owns 32 networks from the Caribbean to central America to the Pacific. It’s growing fast, launching 3G and WiMax, and is on the look-out for further opportunities, CEO Colm Delves tells Alan Burkitt-Gray 

Colm Delves: Opportunities often arise when you least expect
them. As a privately held company, Digicel can move quickly

Telecoms operators have many challenges but few, fortunately, have experienced tragedies to compare with Digicel’s in January 2010.
The privately held operator, which is the biggest in the Caribbean, lost five staff and 100,000 customers to the earthquake which destroyed Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, and the surrounding area.

"It was a very challenging period for Digicel," says Colm Delves, the CEO of the group, whose interests...