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Interview: Chris Harper of Sprint

12 October 2010

Chris Harper reaping the rewards of a flat, global network architecture

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Chris Harper: It’s a flat network, which makes it easy to build
out. The architecture in the POP in London is the same as in
Sydney and New York 
Chris Harper is celebrating his tenth anniversary with Sprint. He joined Global One, the global services joint venture between Sprint, Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom, to head its network services organisation as it started to unravel.
In the aftermath, Harper stayed with Sprint to build, run and manage its network from Europe, assuming responsibility for the rest of Sprint’s non-North American network five years ago.

He’s instituted a structure in the global business that splits it into three units — Europe, Asia and the Americas — under regional leaders who are responsible for the customer experience in their regions. Harper is in charge of those operations and is also responsible for Sprint’s global IT...