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Interview: David Storrie of Nucleus Connect

09 November 2010

Singapore plans competition at the set-top box for fibre-to-the-home customers

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Residential customers in Singapore connected by the country’s carrier-neutral FTTH operator, Nucleus Connect, will soon be able to pick and choose between different telecoms operators

David Storrie: multi-tiered approach has challenges. If you’re
vertically integrated, everything is under your own control 
The Singapore telecoms regulator is commissioning the development of a set-top box that will allow customers to take services from different telecoms operators at the same time via the country’s next-generation national broadband network.
The box — which will bring the market in telecoms right to consumers’ homes — will be connected to the national carrier-neutral fibre-to-the-home network, which is operated by a local company, Nucleus Connect.

"The project is being managed by the government and the plan is to have the specification by the end of this year," says Nucleus Connect’s CEO, David Storrie. Following that, the box will...