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Interview: Pierre-André Rulmont of BICS

18 November 2010

Transforming a 25 billion minute network to NGN in two nights

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Jamie Anderson interviews Pierre-André Rulmont, the chief technology officer of Belgacom’s wholesale division, about a daring transformation to its all-IP network — in just two days

Pierre-André Rulmont (above) is CTO of BICS, a member of the Belgacom group that operates in the international carrier business. He has been within the company for 10 years, acting in many roles from engineering to IT management, and has been CTO for the past two years.
Can you talk about the kind of business that BICS is in?
Pierre-André Rulmont:
BICS is in the business of international carrier services. We deliver global solutions for voice, messaging, roaming, connectivity and mobile financial services to hundreds of telecommunication providers around the world.

This means that our main activity is to interconnect fixed and mobile operators to provide international services. Typically our customers are incumbent operators but also any size and...