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Interview: Dennis Sverdlov of Yota

23 November 2010

Yota has expanded from Russia to Nicaragua and Peru, and is poised to switch technology from WiMax to LTE

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Mass market beckons as Yota plans LTE switch

Dennis Sverdlov: Yota has decided to go from WiMax to LTE
because most device makers support LTE

Dennis Sverdlov started Yota to address the market for high quality wireless broadband. By targeting progressive users, his thinking went, he could access customers that place a premium on wireless broadband access coupled with great customer service.
Those users aren’t the extent of his aims for Yota. They simply represent the 5-10% of the market that is currently willing to pay for the kind of service he offers and Yota’s business model is designed so the company can grow to address the mass market as demand arrives.

"We started to think of being a telco from a different approach," says the former consultant. "Internally we never use the term telco — although we have...