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Interview: Hugh Bradlow of Telstra

25 November 2010

Services will be the next transformation for telcos says Telstra CTO

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Telstra CTO Hugh Bradlow looks forward to getting beyond the point at which he worries about the last-mile network technology into customers’ homes. He wants Telstra to be a services company

Hugh Bradlow: Take away the worry about the network and you
force us to think about being service providers 
Australia’s national broadband network is the best thing that’s happened to the country’s incumbent operator, Telstra. Take a deep breath when you read that, because the person saying it is Telstra’s chief technology officer, Hugh Bradlow.

Given that Telstra’s former CEO, Sol Trujillo, ran a running battle with the Australian government while the NBN project was being developed, this is a surprising turn. But these days Telstra, under CEO David Thodey, takes a very different attitude — and Bradlow, who has been with the...