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  • Securing the mobile experience: lock it or lose it 01 March 2009

    Mobile networks, as well as the internet, are being targeted by organised criminals now that networks are being used for critical business applications. Gijs van Kersen warns that mobile attacks will become more prevalent, and shows how operators can best protect their network and reputation. Co-sponsored feature: Juniper Networks

  • Mobile office goes virtual 01 March 2009

    Mobile messaging will continue to grow strongly even during the current global recession, and operators providing office packages targeted at small businesses will generate much of this growth, so long as they have the right applications to offer, writes Jon Doyle. Co-sponsored feature: CommuniGate Systems

  • Mobile broadband set to become broader and to reach one billion connections 01 March 2009

    We're entering the era of broader and broader mobile broadband, says Michael O'Hara: in three years, there will be a billion connections around the world, and operators and regulators are moving towards networks with peak rates of 100 megabits a second

  • How Zain built a 70% share of Iraq's mobile market 01 March 2009

    The head of Zain's operation in Iraq, Ali Al Dahwi, explains the challenges of building a team and a business to the point at which it is market leader. Interview by Jamie Anderson

  • China Mobile plans $12bn spend as Vodafone proposes triple alliance 01 March 2009

    The onward march of 3G mobile broadband is speeding up, with China Mobile and other Chinese operators investing heavily, while operators such as Telstra and Vodafone push speeds to higher and higher levels

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