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  • Flexibility, speed — and less risk — with streamlined OSS/BSS 01 April 2009

    OSS/BSS is at the centre of major business transformation for service providers that are facing increasing demand from customers for better support. For the service provider, the right OSS/BSS can provide both efficiency and competitive advantage. Co-sponsored feature: Nokia Siemens Networks

  • Strategies and tactics for tough times at Management World 2009 meeting 01 April 2009

    TM Forum's Management World conference and Nice will focus on issues that operators need to know about surviving and becoming more robust in the world today, says Martin Creaner

  • The transformation imperative 01 April 2009

    Operators need to focus on costs while continuing to deliver high-quality services to their customers and migrating to next-generation technologies. Gordon Rawling explains the key requirements of business transformation in the industry. Sponsored by Oracle

  • Transformation to IP gains ground but operators need to continue changing 01 April 2009

    Stephen Fleece has seen IP transformation from the inside. It can be done in different ways, but IP has now been established as the stable feature of the plans for different types of operators, he writes. What are the OSS/BSS implications of their strategy?

  • Customer experience management set to survive and thrive in recession 01 April 2009

    The current recession needn't be a disaster for telecoms technology vendors. There are many technologies that generate cost savings and operational efficiencies, can demonstrate attractive returns as well as a positive impact on the operator's bottom line. Brendan McDonagh, chief executive of Arantech, tells George Malim why customer experience management is set to not only survive the recession but also to thrive. Co-sponsored feature: Arantech

  • Service providers in the middle of the new digital value chain 01 April 2009

    The telecom operator or cable company has the technology and the relationships to run an Amazon-like portal for digital content, says Jim Warner. But that dream is still far from being reality

  • Seek out the missing millions with a prime partner 01 April 2009

    Service providers can't afford to leave revenue unaccounted for. Revenue assurance offers the opportunity to uncover the missing millions but it's an increasingly difficult discipline to manage effectively. Tobias Eriksson and Jan Abrahamsson explain how engaging a prime integrator partner can accelerate revenue leakage detection, recovery and prevention both in the short-term and as part of a long-term revenue management strategy. Co-sponsored feature: Ericsson

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