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  • Broadband drives the future of the web 01 April 2009

    Customers are making more and more use of their broadband connections, but communications service providers need to find more ways to monetise traffic passing through networks. A reliable network needs to be able to scale up the speeds that consumers expect. Co-sponsored feature: Nokia Siemens Networks

  • Broadband is the new electricity, as the politicians turn their attention to the net 01 April 2009

    From Washington to Canberra, politicians now recognise that universal broadband access is as important now as universal electricity supply was in the 1930s. How are they doing it? Alan Burkitt-Gray looks at initiatives around the world

  • Telecommunications evolves into a critically important service 01 April 2009

    Is the glass half empty or half full? How global wholesale providers need to navigate through the current economic climate. Co-sponsored feature: AT&T

  • Network evolution on the road to LTE 01 April 2009

    The GSM industry's 4G technology, LTE, is the only system that can meet the requirements for the anticipated dramatic growth in wireless data traffic, say Helen Karapandžiæ and Terry Norman

  • A bigger bang from a broader band 01 April 2009

    As broadband stimulus packages look set re-ignite a wave of investment in broadband network technology, Dave Geary, president of Alcatel-Lucent's wireline network activities, tells George Malim how the company has transformed it's strategy to address service provider and — subsequent — end-user needs. Co-sponsored feature: Alcatel-Lucent

  • Fibre for home delivery 01 April 2009

    The next great step in telecommunications evolution is to deliver fibre to the home. Prysmian's Richard Thomas discusses one solution that provides a simple building block. Co-sponsored feature: Prysmian

  • Prepaid broadband turning into more attractive option for users 01 April 2009

    Operators should prioritise prepaid mobile broadband offers over rolling monthly contracts, says Matt Hatton

  • Telstra to drive 3G to 100 megabits but keen on 4G for Hong Kong unit 01 April 2009

    Departing Telstra CEO Sol Trujillo spoke about dual plans for mobile broadband at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: 3G, but not LTE, in Australia, but LTE has a future at its Hong Kong operator CSL

  • A next-generation network for next-generation business models 01 April 2009

    Service providers may have to make a choice and become either a servco or a netco, but Paul Gainham says that, with an innovative business-led approach, based on a new wave of network openness and partnership, operators can still maintain a successful foot in both camps

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