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  • A holistic approach to optimising business performance 21 April 2011

    As operators continue to transform their businesses, c-level executives are increasingly turning to business assurance as a means to gain a holistic view of their businesses’ performance. Co-sponsored feature: TMNG Global

  • Extreme outsourcing means new competitor avoids learning curve 21 April 2011

    Eitan Gelbaum explains how Amdocs helped Canadian newcomer Mobilicity launch a competitive service within only five months, and establish agility in a fiercely competitive marketplace owned by giants

  • Managed services provide platform for optimised operations 21 April 2011

    Now more than ever operators face pressure to reduce both capital and operational expenditure. The need to innovate more rapidly and grow their business compounds the challenge. A new set of wholesale managed services can address these issues, writes Beatriz Butsana-Sita. Co-sponsored feature: BT Global Telecom Markets

  • Managed services set to mature to a market of six providers 21 April 2011

    As more and more operators turn to third-party organisations to build, design, manage and maintain their networks and operations and help expand their service portfolios, George Malim assesses what it takes to be a leading managed services provider

  • Operators are the trusted provider for customisable services in the cloud 21 April 2011

    Operators have made many mistakes over-investing in individual applications and services. Instead, they should focus on what they know – delivering voice services, enablers and data services, says Scott Stonham. Co-sponsored feature: CommuniGate Systems

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