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Global Telecoms Business


  • Operators from emerging markets seek standardised, pan-European wholesale providers 18 December 2012

    The rise of enterprises in China and Asia is seeing domestic operators from those regions seek wholesale capacity and services in Europe. They want pan-regional capacity that covers all locations, not just the big cities, as well as providers that can deliver standardised services and technology in support of their SLAs. To be successful, such wholesale providers must cover all sites and make it easy for operators to do business with them. Co-sponsored feature: Colt

  • Standardised, extensible platforms required for first mile flexibility 18 December 2012

    Copper is still seen as the first solution for serving businesses where no fibre is available. However, operators don’t want to invest in legacy technology to do this. Equipment that offers an upgrade path to fibre and has the capability to support mobile backhaul, while minimising the need to replace customer premise equipment, makes an attractive investment – as well as service delivery – case. Co-sponsored feature: Albis Technologies

  • Telco Systems: end-to-end edge solutions to help service providers be more competitive 18 December 2012

    Telco Systems offers solutions that allow service providers to deliver MPLS to the edge of their networks so that they can sell service-level agreements and differentiated services, explains company CEO Itzik Weinstein. Co-sponsored feature: Telco Systems

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