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  • December

    Esrey: the loneliness of a long-distance runner 01 December 2000

    This has been a year of rapid repositioning for Sprint. In February the company finally disposed of its interests in Global One, its joint venture with Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom. Then in July a proposed merger with WorldCom ? on which Sprint had built so many of its plans ? collapsed in the face of regulatory hurdles. Now Sprint has decided to run the race alone, explains chairman and chief executive officer William Esrey.

  • Looping the local loop 01 December 2000

    The unbundling of BT's local loop is causing a lot of bitter debate. But while Colt and Energis are threatening to take legal action against the regulator, Redstone Telecom is making its own arrangements for gaining access to BT's local exchanges, and metamorphosing itself into Britain's first ?smart build? competitive local exchange carrier. Tristan Swain asks chief executive officer Graham Cove to explain his strategy.

  • Roll out of Africa for wireless champion 01 December 2000

    MSI Cellular owns and operates wireless telecommunications networks in Africa. The company has networks in operation or under construction in 14 countries, covering 235 million people, and it recently obtained management control of the incumbent in Tanzania. Dr Mohamed Ibrahim, chairman and chief executive officer, and one of the founders of MSI Cellular talks to Global Telecoms Business about his plans to build a pan-African network.

  • Tiscali goes Dutch with World Online 01 December 2000

    Tiscali is acquiring World Online for less than half the price investors paid when World Online went public in March. Is it really a bargain for Tiscali and a second chance for World Online?

  • November

    Energised 01 November 2000

    It is fast becoming the darling of equity analysts - but can Energis successfully galvanise a pan-European spread and what is on the shopping list? Global Telecoms gets broadband access to Mike Grabiner, CEO Energis.

  • Hard as snails 01 November 2000

    BT devolution ? it should mean the birth of a hardcore rapid reaction force at BT management. Tristan Swain talks to Peter Erskine, CEO of BT Wireless, about what the change really means for the new BT 3G flagship and meeting those all-important WAP revenue forecasts.

  • The mouse that swallowed the lion 01 November 2000

    Pacific Century CyberWorks has been likened to a mouse that swallowed a lion since its famous take-over of Hong Kong Telecom. The merger with HKT has presented PCCW with enormous possibilities, but as other former incumbents flounder, has the mouse bitten off more than it can chew? Richard Li, executive chairman PCCW talks to Global Telecoms Businesss.

  • WHEREVER - everywhere 01 November 2000

  • October

    Brassic Park? 01 October 2000

    It is all down at BT ? profits, share price, traffic. Has too much emphasis on shareholder value turned the telco into a new age dinosaur? Sir Peter Bonfield takes on the critics and tells Tristan Swain about how he will fund BT's enormous outlay on expansion and revive BT's wilting share value.

  • Creating value 01 October 2000

    A comparatively small Canadian company is building up impressive, international wireless businesses, including an interest in a UK 3G licence. What is different about Telesystem International Wireless? Founder and Chairman, Charles Sirois explains.

  • Cutting an EDGE 01 October 2000

    Third in size, but first in subscriber-base value - that is John Zeglis' view of AT&T Wireless' place in the hierarchy of the six mobile operators that dominate the US market. Here Zeglis talks to GTB about EDGE technology and the power of untethered telecommunications.

  • Package touring 01 October 2000

    Already recognised as a leading player in broadband wireless in the US, Winstar is moving into markets in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Chairman and CEO William Rouhana talks expansion plans with Global Telecoms Business.

  • September

    And then there were six 01 September 2000

    No name yet but the SBC/Bell South joint venture is already tipped to be number two in the analysts' consolidated big six US mobiles. Stephen Carter, former head of SBC Wireless, and now President and CEO of the Bell South Wireless Services and SBC Wireless JV, outlines his development plans to Global Telecoms Business.

  • Can pay, will pay 01 September 2000

    KPN has made a name for itself as a canny operator of JVs and strategic alliances But with Hutchison pulling out of the German UMTS bid, is Germany a licence too far? KPN Chairman Paul Smits talks payment plans with Tris Swain

  • Covad in the house 01 September 2000

    What is all this talk about Blockbuster and Wal-Mart? Robert Knowling, Chairman, CEO, and President of Covad Communications explains his next move to Global Telecoms Business.

  • Wholesale Stig-matism 01 September 2000

  • July

    All things to all men 01 July 2000

    Luxembourg-based broadband and wireless local loop operator, FirstMark Communications recently secured $1 billion to fund its pan-European expansion. CEO Tim Samples outlines how his federated company will work.

  • Dollars and sense 01 July 2000

    It's official. As of July 1 Verizon became the US' biggest wireless provider. With 25 million customers and $3 billion to spend this year on CDMA alone, will big translate into bucks on the bottom line? CEO Denny Strigl talks strategy, spend and return with Tris Swain.

  • Janzen: Neutral but top gear 01 July 2000

    Carriers' carrier Williams Communications focuses exclusively on wholesale, turning its back on entering the retail market in competition with its customers. This strictly neutral approach, joined to competitive pricing, devastating disruptive technology, and an expanding hinterland, have proved enormously successful. President and CEO Howard Janzen talks to Tris Swain about Williams' next expansion drive.

  • The Rhythms method 01 July 2000

    Bandwidth hunger and legislative reform unleashed the growth potential for CLEC internet service. And Rhythms NetConnections has become one of the leaders. Now founder Catherine Hapka wants more.

  • June

    Global Crossing: breadth is beautiful 01 June 2000

    There are two IPOs to come from Global Crossing, one through GlobalCenter, its web hosting business, and one through Asia Global Crossing. Global Crossing will offer high bandwidth over its wholly-owned, high capacity IP network in more than 200 major cities and 27 countries by the Spring 2001. Leo Hindery, CEO, talks to Véronique Thoréton.

  • KPN Qwest: McMastering the art of risk and return 01 June 2000

    Jack McMasters, CEO of KPN Qwest, is aiming to produce "the first modern, macro-capacity pan-European fibre optic asset" by the third quarter of next year. And he expects that it will cost only "somewhere around Eu1.5 billion" if completed on time and on budget. Here he tells Véronique Thoréton why.

  • SingTel Mobile: breaking into virgin ground 01 June 2000

    SingTel's CEO, Lucas Chow, wants to play ?the great enabler's role for e- and m-commerce... (because that's) really where the money is? and because he wants ?to help the country to grow and be successful, to be a showcase, if you will, in Asia and all over the world, for such implementation?. He tells Bruce Tober how he plans to accomplish that five-year-plan.

  • Size is no measure of success for GTS 01 June 2000

    GTS's CEO, Brian Thompson believes the company's stock is so undervalued. He says the analysts don't appear to believe GTS ?can do what we say we can do. What I do want to do is make certain this company is a successful company.? He tells Veronique Thoreton his strategy for making that happen.

  • May

    Broadwing's Ellenberger: CRM is the key to our success 01 May 2000

    The marriage of Cincinnati Bell and the carrier's carrier, IXC, brought about a new company with a new ethos, called Broadwing. CEO Richard Ellenberger discusses the company's future and why the name Broadwing was chosen.

  • Crowe sees 01 May 2000

    Level 3's CEO, James Q Crowe agrees with the way his new international IP network is usually described, but prefers to define it as ?the first international all IP optimised and upgradable network in the world?. And it's that latter adjective that, he believes, makes the Level 3 operation unique. He explains to Bruce Tober, exactly why that is and why it's important.

  • Keep it local for growth and good customer relations: COLT 01 May 2000

    COLT's CEO, Paul Chisholm believes the company's rapid growth over the last few years was boosted by bringing in native talent to run its operations in each country the company deals with. This is a step in its progress towards being ?the leading e-commerce, web-enabled company across Europe?. He talks to Bruce Tober.

  • NorthPoint rolls out DSL at high speed 01 May 2000

    NorthPoint is building a DSL network and bringing its experience and expertise to Europe earlier than all the other players. By the end of 2000, the three-year-old company aims to pass half of American homes and businesses. Liz Fetter, president and CEO, talks to Véronique Thoréton about her plans for the future of the company.

  • April

    Bell Canada: repositioning for long-term growth 01 April 2000

    Bell Canada is aiming to establish a greater international presence with the acquisition of Teleglobe. This followed a recent announcement of a JV with Lycos to for a Canadian portal. But on the high speed access front, it fell short of its projected target figures for DSL subscriptions. Chairman and CEO, Jean Monty explains the reasons behind these bold moves.

  • France Telecom: global ambitions come to the fore 01 April 2000

    France Telecom is now the majority shareholder in Global One and therefore in a position to be a key pan-European telecoms operator. It will also combine forces with NTL as it aims to be a key player in the UK mobile market. France Telecom's president Michel Bon talks to Global Telecoms Business about the company's international ambitions.

  • Turk Telekom: efficiency at expense of staff? 01 April 2000

    Turk Telekom's Director General, Fatih Mehmet Yurdal, is eagerly anticipating the forthcoming privatisation of the company. He sees his government not selling more than 49% of shares. A strategic partner might purchase 20% of those but he believes such a partner would be no more beneficial to the company than the government. Here Yurdal talks about his hopes and plans.

  • VoiceStream: hoping to be the voice of the teen market 01 April 2000

    Having mergers with two other companies under its belt, VoiceStream believes it now has the clout and national visibility to defy the other US majors, by going for the home, and especially the teenage market. VoiceStream's chairman and CEO, John Stanton, tells how he expects to accomplish that. And why.

  • March

    BellSouth: poised for international growth 01 March 2000

    BellSouth is leading its US peers in terms of revenue and earning growth. It is also steadily increasing its presence in Europe following a recent deal with KPN in buying into German mobile operator E-plus. The chairman and CEO of BellSouth Duane Ackerman talks to Mark Holmes about his hopes for the company in an era of consolidation.

  • Equant: the value of a global footprint 01 March 2000

    Equant operates the world's largest data network in terms of geographic coverage. The company is a leading provider of managed data network services and recently announced a joint venture with Reuters to offer financial firms a secure global IP network. Didier Delepine, CEO of Equant, talks to Basil Ballhatchet about its plans.

  • IMPSAT: aiming to be Latin America's number one 01 March 2000

    IMPSAT, aims to be one of the leaders in providing telephony and high bandwidth services to businesses throughout Latin America and is building one of the most comprehensive broadband networks in the region. IMPSAT's president & CEO, Ricardo Verdaguer talks to Global Telecoms Business about his company's ambitious plans.

  • Tele Danmark: diversification for revenue growth 01 March 2000

    Denmark with four mobile operators serving a population of just five million, is clearly one of the most competitive markets in the world. The incumbent, Tele Danmark, has still retained a healthy market share and even boosted revenues through an aggressive international strategy. Henning Dyremose, president and CEO of Tele Danmark, explains

  • February

    Mandl: masterminding Teligent broadband strategy 01 February 2000

    Teligent, founded in 1996, already has over 10,000 customers. Partly owned by Japan's NTT and run by a former president of AT&T, the US-based fixed wireless operator is rapidly deploying point-to-multipoint technology, as it targets small and medium sized businesses. Chairman and CEO Alex Mandl talks to Basil Ballhatchet about the company's plans.

  • NTL set to emerge as BT's main competitor in the UK 01 February 2000

    NTL will be second only to British Telecom in terms of UK presence in communications, following the merger with CWC's residential operations. As well as a long-distance and international network, it is a leader in broadcast transmission provides key facilities to mobile operators. NTL's president and CEO Barclay Knapp talks to Mark Holmes about NTL's strategy.

  • Portugal Telecom focuses on cable TV and Latin America 01 February 2000

    The telecoms market in Portugal was finally deregulated in January 2000, when Portugal Telecom, the incumbent, relinquished its fixed-line monopoly. The operator has diversified into cable TV and invested abroad in Latin America, in particular in Brazil. Portugal Telecom's chairman and CEO Francisco Nabo talks to Global Telecoms Business about the company's plans.

  • Rajagopalan to make MTNL a Fortune 500 company 01 February 2000

    Mahangar Telephone Nigam (MTNL) had until recently enjoyed a virtual monopoly in the two cities of Mumbai (Bombay) and Delhi. The chairman of MTNL, Srinivas Rajagopalan talks to Global Telecoms Business about increasing competition, state ownership and the operator's Internet and wireless strategies.

  • January

    Mandl: masterminding Teligent broadband strategy 01 January 2000

  • NTL set to emerge as BT's main competitor in the UK 01 January 2000

  • Portugal Telecom focuses on cable TV and Latin America 01 January 2000

  • Rajagopalan to make MTNL a Fortune 500 company 01 January 2000