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  • December

    Strategy to survive until the revival 01 December 2002

    For suppliers like Siemens life will continue to be difficult in 2003, says Thomas Ganswindt, group president of the company's information and communication networks division. Carriers must also cut costs and offer their own customers new services in order to counteract the effect of sliding prices and regain revenue streams

  • The fast lane to a share flotation 01 December 2002

    Singapore's M1 achieved an initial public offering of its shares by the end of 2002, one of the few in the telecommunications industry for some time. Chief executive officer Neil Montefiore explains why the shareholders have taken the decision

  • Triple play with one brand 01 December 2002

    Packaging services -- wireless as well as wireline -- at Verizon is helping to reduce churn and increase the average customer's monthly payment to the company. Meanwhile chief financial officer Doreen Toben is taking strong steps to reduce Verizon's debt and improve its overall performance

  • Virtual Branson 01 December 2002

    Records, music, publishing, airlines, movies, condoms, cola, personal finance, even trains. And now, mobile phones. Richard Branson's Virgin Group is pioneering mobile virtual networks in three countries around the world ? four until the Singapore project closed down recently. What are his plans to develop his networks, and who is he working with?

  • November

    Italy's pan-European internet brand 01 November 2002

    Tiscali is a Italian internet service provider, based on the island of Sardinia, which has grown into a pan-European operator -- and is now offering business services. Chief financial officer Massimo Cristofori explains the company's progress

  • Moscow's broadband revolution 01 November 2002

    A US venture capital company, Andersen Group, is part-way through the takeover of a business which will offer fast internet, IP telephony and multichannel TV to millions of homes across Moscow. Andersen's chairman Frank Baker explains how he's putting the deal together, and why

  • October

    Moving up the value chain 01 October 2002

    It's become the aim of many telecommunications operators that are suffering from falling prices for the basic job of transporting voice and data to move up the value chain -- and Cable & Wireless has just that goal. But what does it mean in practice? Nick Jeffery, chief executive office of the company's markets group, explains

  • The challenge of mobile content 01 October 2002

    Mobile operators must work hard to convince content providers that they have a viable channel to deliver their services to the consumer, says Orange CEO Jean-François Pontal. The revenue models still need working out and there are major technical challenges

  • The infrastructure-free internet company 01 October 2002

    Claranet is one of the largest internet service providers in Europe. Privately held, it recently bought a German operation using its own funds, yet has no debt. And it has avoided the temptation of selling telecommunications minutes. Charles Nasser, the founder and owner, explains why

  • The infrastructure-free telecoms operator 01 October 2002

    Telecommunications operators would like to think of themselves as service companies, serving their customers best. But maybe they should just be bandwidth providers, with a new layer of specialists putting packages together for end users. That's the view of Christopher Britton, chief executive of ETT, effectively a ?virtual? telecoms company, who is taking IT outsourcers such as EDS as his role model

  • September

    Austria's third generation 01 September 2002

    Telekom Austria's mobile subsidiary, Mobilkom, has launched its 3G network and will soon start to offer services. Mobilkom CEO Boris Nemsic calls for some rethinking about the role of content

  • Focusing on the profitable areas 01 September 2002

    Telia International Carrier has closed down many of its operations but is determined to focus on those that are profitable. Vice president Kenneth Kernen explains the strategy

  • The fast lane to a share flotation 01 September 2002

    Singapore's M1 is moving towards an initial public offering of its shares by the end of 2002, one of the few in the telecommunications industry. A trade sale is also an option, says chief executive officer Neil Montefiore, who explains why the shareholders have taken the decision

  • August

    Crossing back into the daylight 01 August 2002

    Global Crossing is the first of the giant operators to be rescued. Chris Nash, who helped negotiate the deal with new investors Hutchison Whampoa and Singapore Technologies Telemedia, discusses what the future holds

  • Integrate or separate 01 August 2002

    Should mobile telecommunications operators be integrated with their fixed-service counterparts, or do they do better alone? Italian operator Wind believes it is best to offer fixed, mobile and internet services as a package, says chief operating officer Corrado Sciolla

  • Surprise your customer 01 August 2002

    Content is not enough, says Patrick Leleu, chief executive of France's biggest cable operator, Noos. But he is candid about the difficulties that the cable industry faces over the coming months

  • Waiting for privatisation 01 August 2002

    Privatisation of Israel's incumbent phone company Bezeq looks as if it is now on hold for some months. But chief financial officer Oren Lieder looks forward to the days when the company is removed from state control

  • July

    Building a future for 3G 01 July 2002

    France's third mobile operator, Bouygues Telecom, is to launch i-mode services in association with DoCoMo of Japan. Chairman Philippe Montagner looks enviously at Japan where half the population already uses mobile data

  • First mover advantage in going into Chapter 11 01 July 2002

    John Legere was called in last October to run Global Crossing as the severity of its financial problems became apparent. He put the company into bankruptcy protection and he and his team are midway through a restructuring plan ? but he believes the company will emerge strong and successful

  • Greek mobile goes for gold 01 July 2002

    It started five years after its two rivals but is now number one in the Greek mobile business. Cosmote's managing director, Evangelos Martigopoulos, explains how the company has also succeeded in neighbouring Albania and wants to take its strategy to other eastern European markets ? as well as serving the 2004 Athens Olympics

  • Something more than a phone call 01 July 2002

    Operators are terrified because they see a long-term decline in the price they can charge for connecting people ? but they need to think of developing new revenue streams, says Alcatel's chief technology officer Niel Ransom, in the first of a new series of supplier interviews

  • The smarter way to keep watch on your e-mail 01 July 2002

    In one of the most competitive markets in the world, Hong Kong's SmarTone is letting customers check their e-mails and calendars on their mobile phones ? and chief executive Douglas Li is test-driving the system

  • June

    Eutelsat flies towards IPO 01 June 2002

    Eutelsat has appointed Lehman Brothers and Credit Suisse First Boston as joint global coordinators of its initial public offering, the next stage in its privatisation race with Intelsat. Eutelsat CEO Giuliano Berretta talks about the process of turning an intergovernmental organisation into a commercial operation that is competing to provide high-speed internet connections

  • New CEO looks to sell Qwest Wireless 01 June 2002

    Qwest is talking to potential purchasers of its wireless and directory operations as it tries to reduce its $26 billion debt, says new CEO Richard Notebaert, who has replaced Joe Nacchio. Meanwhile Notebaert is reviewing the rest of Qwest's operations to reduce cash burn

  • May

    A second Orange or a second lemon 01 May 2002

    Hong Kong's Hutchison was the power behind the successful UK launch of Orange in the 1990s. Now it's challenging the establishment again by planning video, games and services on its third generation networks

  • Crossing the border 01 May 2002

    Marianne Nivert (pictured), CEO of Sweden's Telia, is set to create Europe's first cross-border incumbent with the planned merger with Finland's Sonera. The new group could be the foundation of a wider consolidation, she believes

  • Japan's i-mode becomes international mode 01 May 2002

    More than 30 million in Japan are already connected to the mobile internet using i-mode mobile phones. Now NTT DoCoMo's chief operating officer, Yoshinori Uda, is developing a worldwide strategy to form alliances to take the top-rating technology to Europe and the US

  • Mobilising the T 01 May 2002

    Deutsche Telekom boss Ron Sommer (see picture) is having a hard time with his debt mountain and his declining sales for the incumbent fixed-line business, but he is doggedly optimistic about the company's plans to build a global brand in mobile communications

  • Using information to improve billing and customer service 01 May 2002

    SPONSORED FEATURE: Telecommunications billing is one of the operator's most mission-critical applications. Having the capacity to store, manage, share and protect this information is fundamental to an operator's survival and their customer relationships, yet only a tiny percentage of European operators are effective in their information management. In this article Dennis Rocks, Practice Leader Communications and Media EMEA, for data storage leader EMC, urges operators to consider an information storage strategy for efficient billing and better customer service.

  • February

    A merger that's working 01 February 2002

    Global One was an alliance between three companies that didn't work. According to CEO Didier Delepine, Global One's merger into Equant is working ? helped by the fact that the two constituent parts used the same suppliers

  • No rush on 3G decision 01 February 2002

    Tim Donahue, chief executive of Nextel, says that there is no rush to take a decision on 3G technology: the company's existing system handles data efficiently and it is about to be upgraded to increase capacity for the company's business users

  • People 01 February 2002

  • The future of Orange 01 February 2002

    France Télécom didn't just buy the company when it took over Orange: it bought the brand and the company's way of doing business. Jean-François Pontal runs what his chairman says is the brightest part of the group

  • Wiring China for its economic explosion 01 February 2002

    Edward Tian helped to set up China Netcom in 1999. He has already linked his company to Beijing's successful bid to stage the 2008 Olympic Games and is looking forward to the revenue that will bring. Meanwhile, income from bandwidth and data is growing at 20% a week, as China's economy continues to grow rapidly