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  • October

    Interview: Akil Beshir of Telecom Egypt 01 October 2008

    Akil Beshir is leading Telecom Egypt into a competitive world — though at home that will be 12 months later than he expected. Meanwhile the company is reducing tariffs in expectation of a new fixed-line operator and is building up its role at the junction of the world's biggest international cable networks. By Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Interview: Sol Trujillo of Telstra 01 October 2008

    It's half-way through Sol Trujillo's five-year transformation programme at Telstra, but now he's looking 10 or 15 years ahead. He tells Alan Burkitt-Gray about the future of wireless and the coming renaissance for fixed line

  • Interview: Sergey Pridantsev of Comstar-UTS 01 October 2008

    Comstar's CEO is managing an ambitious programme to test an IMS strategy across Moscow, where it runs the fixed-line incumbent, MGTS. It's already improving broadband speeds, Sergey Pridantsev tells Alan Burkitt-Gray, but next it plans to implement an IMS transformation — as a way of demonstrating it can provide the whole of Russia with high-quality broadband

  • August

    Interview: Olaf Swantee of France Telecom Orange 29 August 2008

    A year after joining Orange from the IT industry, the group's mobile head Olaf Swantee tells Alan Burkitt-Gray about the priorities of getting it right in highly competitive national markets while benefiting from an international operation and brand

  • Interview: Giuliano Berretta of Eutelsat 29 August 2008

    Eutelsat is offering telecoms operators a chance to deliver ADSL-quality broadband to those far-away places beyond the reach of conventional technology. Trials are underway, but a new satellite is under construction, CEO Giuliano Berretta tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Interview: Rohit Adya of Vodafone Essar 29 August 2008

    Rohit Adya is CEO of one of the biggest divisions of Vodafone Essar — formerly Hutchison Essar — in India. He speaks to Jamie Anderson about the challenges of moving from urban to rural markets, and how the company is moving beyond the 'hygiene factors' of coverage and quality to differentiate itself with low-income consumers

  • July

    Interview: Masayuki Hirata of NTT DoCoMo 01 July 2008

    Competition for NTT DoCoMo has strengthened in its home market of Japan, but the company is cutting costs and focussing more on corporate accounts, says CFO Masayuki Hirata. Meanwhile it has changed its international investment strategy, and is also investing in production companies to create new programming for mobile TV, he tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Interview: Matt Desch of Iridium 01 July 2008

    Still think of satellite company Iridium as just one of the failures of the dotcom era? Think again: now it is making $300m revenue a year and $100m EBITDA. New CEO Matt Desch faces a challenge as the satellite fleet reaches old age, but he's confident of raising $2.7bn in the next few years to launch a new one, he tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Interview: Wei Zaisheng of ZTE 01 July 2008

    Strategic cooperation and orderly competition is the way ahead as the industry faces challenges of price erosion and credit crunch, says Wei Zaisheng, the CFO of ZTE

  • Interview: Scott Kriens of Juniper Networks 01 July 2008

    Telecoms operators know their customers better than anyone else, says Juniper CEO Scott Kriens, and they can use that information to challenge the internet-based content companies and others that are competing against the traditional service providers

  • Interview: Thierry Bonhomme of France Telecom Orange 01 July 2008

    In the March/April 2008 issue of Global Telecoms Business we looked at how BT manages its research and innovation. In this interview Thierry Bonhomme, head of research and innovation at France Telecom, discusses Orange's strategy to use its labs in Europe, the US, the Middle East and China, to be embedded in the national ecosystems where the company does business

  • Interview: Olivier Baujard of Alcatel-Lucent 01 July 2008

    People in the West are accustomed to the benefits of technology, says Alcatel-Lucent's Olivier Baujard, but it makes the difference between having a decent life or not, he tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • New Zealand's chief sets all-IP customer migration targets 01 July 2008

    Within months of moving from BT, where he helped create the 21CN programme, Paul Reynolds is doing it all again — as CEO of Telecom New Zealand. But there are key differences in the approach, he tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Egypt set for start of competitive telecoms 01 July 2008

    Bidding for Egypt's second national operator licence should be complete by September, and the new competitor will help the country take advantage of opportunities in outsourcing and content services, says the communications minister, Tarek Kamel

  • Mobile giant considers fixed alternative for broadband 01 July 2008

    MTS is looking forward to rolling out wireless broadband across Russia and other countries, but recognises that customers are hungry for service now. Leonid Melamed is considering whether a short-term fixed solution will satisfy the market — and he's now in a position to put his decision into action

  • Vodafone shows how to move money in emerging markets 01 July 2008

    Vodafone's Kenyan associate Safaricom launched a mobile money transfer system in 2007 and already it's moving €1 million a day. As Vodafone expands the service to other operations, Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph explains the technology

  • April

    Interview: Bill Archer of AT&T 01 April 2008

    Interview: US-based operator AT&T is to boost its spending on services for multinational enterprises this year. Bill Archer tells Alan Burkitt-Gray how the company decided on its priorities for the investment programme

  • Interview: Mike Carr of BT 01 April 2008

    What does a company such as BT get from its massive spend on research and development? Access to the world's scientists and the ability to form an opinion, the chief scientist tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Interview: Manoj Kohli of Bharti Airtel 01 April 2008

    Interview: The CEO of market leader Bharti Airtel is struggling to maintain growth in the face of a shortage of spectrum, but he sees big prospects, though lower revenue, in rural areas. Manoj Kohli explains his strategy to Sonya Dutta Choudhury

  • Go away from the state monopoly 01 April 2008

    Newly privatised Maltacom decided to adopt a unified brand to show customers and employees that four separate divisions had become one. Alan Burkitt-Gray interviews CEO David Kay

  • Free reaches down into Paris sewers so customers can distribute own TV 01 April 2008

    Subscribers to Iliad's broadband service, Free, can distribute their own TV programmes over their 24 megabit connection. Now the company is halfway through a plan to install fibres in the Paris sewers to expand bandwidth to 100 megs or more, the CEO tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Content is king for China's IPTV leader 01 April 2008

    Shanghai Media Group's BesTV is rolling out IPTV across China and hopes for two million customers this year, helped by the Olympics and well-targeted content, from stockmarket reports to cartoons teaching English. Kim Hunter Gordon meets COO Li HuaiYu

  • February

    Verizon and Vodafone evolve together towards the fourth generation 01 February 2008

    The mobile world was surprised at the end of 2007 when Verizon decided to break from its traditional wireless technology path and join the GSM community's route to 4G. Dick Lynch, CTO of Verizon Wireless and now of the whole group, tells Alan Burkitt-Gray of his decision to work with Vodafone on the industry's long-term evolution to the next generation

  • Rebranded Zain plans to end Middle East roaming charges 01 February 2008

    Kuwaiti-based operator Zain claims success for its One Network strategy in Africa, allowing Celtel customers across 12 nations to make and receive cross-border calls at local rates. Now it plans to introduce the scheme in Saudi Arabia and its other Middle East operators, says CEO Saad Al Barrak

  • Latin acquisitions fuel BT's services growth 01 February 2008

    BT insists it is more than a telecoms company. Boosted by acquisitions in strategic markets, Global Services is aiming to contribute half group income. Claire Rigby interviews Luis Álvarez Satorre, the executive in charge of operations across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America

  • Speed and more speed is the key to integrating Nokia with Siemens 01 February 2008

    It's nearly a year since the networks operations of Nokia and Siemens came together, and the company has had to move faster than it expected, says CEO Simon Beresford-Wylie. Its heart remains in Finland and Germany, but increasingly the business is in Asia, he tells Alan Burkitt-Gray