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  • December

    Interview: Eetu Prieur of Elisa 16 December 2009

    Elisa, the pioneer of GSM services back in 1991, has refarmed its old 2G network to deliver mobile broadband

  • Interview: Kevin Zhang of Huawei 09 December 2009

    21-year-old Huawei's next challenge is to help operators everywhere transform their networks for the IP world

  • Interview: William Yeung of City Telecom 09 December 2009

    William Yeung is leading City Telecom on an ambitious drive to become Hong Kong’s largest fixed IP provider

  • Interview: Stefan Öberg of Skype 08 December 2009

    Skype’s business chief Stefan Öberg explains how the company plans to win over sceptical IT departments

  • Interview: Helmut Angst of Deutsche Telekom 07 December 2009

    The head of the wholesale division of German incumbent Deutsche Telekom is launching a content broking service

  • November

    Interview: Wei Zaisheng, CFO of ZTE 26 November 2009

    Operators in North America and western Europe could be missing out on finance from Chinese banks, says ZTE’s CFO

  • Interview: Robert Watson of Sasktel 24 November 2009

    CEO Robert Watson explains how SaskTel is marketing its services and software internationally

  • Interview: Ted Griggs of Ribbit 13 November 2009

    Ted Griggs, the CEO of Ribbit, now owned by BT, has been made CTO of BT Voice

  • Interview: Rob Conway of the GSM Association 11 November 2009

    Aim for 50 billion mobile connections by 2025, GSMA’s Conway tells the industry. Rob Conway has helped turn the GSM Association into the most influential organisation in the industry, representing the interests of its 800 operator members

  • Interview: Dan Dooley of Sprint 09 November 2009

    The machines are coming to boost Sprint’s mobile services business, says Dan Dooley

  • Interview: Steve Largent of the CTIA 06 November 2009

    Steve Largent heads the wireless industry’s trade association in the US and sees a big challenge in persuading politicians that mobile telecoms services can be directly affected by their policies — such as net neutrality

  • September

    Interview: Barbara Dalibard of Orange 30 September 2009

    Barbara Dalibard, CEO of France Telecom’s Orange Business Services, is overseeing the development of virtual IT services that could cut the cost for small and medium business in emerging markets

  • Interview: Mikhail Shamolin of MTS 20 September 2009

    Mobile operator MTS is about to complete a deal to buy a controlling share in broadband operator Comstar UTS, which brings control of Moscow’s fixed network. Mikhail Shamolin, CEO of MTS, outlines plans for the days when Comstar sell through MTS’s growing retail network

  • Interview: Osman Sultan of Du 20 September 2009

    It’s just over two years since Du began operations as the competitive operator in Dubai and the whole of the UAE, but it made a profit in the latest half-year, a full year earlier than expected. CEO Osman Sultan tells Alan Burkitt-Gray how Du is different

  • Interview: David Thodey of Telstra 09 September 2009

    New CEO David Thodey is rebuilding relationships with the Australian government and the regulator after Sol Trujillo’s lively occupation of the role, but he remains concerned about the commercial viability of the country’s national broadband network

  • Interview: Erwan Ménard of Hewlett-Packard 08 September 2009

    Hewlett-Packard has recruited former Alcatel-Lucent executive Erwan Ménard to run its unified product and consulting division, CMS, directed at the telecommunications and media industries worldwide

  • August

    Interview: Clive Dorsman of Carphone Warehouse 21 August 2009

    Despite the legacy name, Carphone Warehouse now runs 1.4 million customer IP network, one of the biggest competitors to BT in the UK. CTO Clive Dorsman explains how starting late helped the group to avoid the problems of replacing legacy networks

  • Interview: Dan Hesse of Sprint 14 August 2009

    Sprint CEO Dan Hesse is working with three wireless technologies — and even iDEN, the system acquired with Nextel, has new life with a $50 prepay offer. But now he’s looking to 4G services, using Clearwire’s WiMax network as an MVNO

  • Interview: Ineke Botter of Bakcell 14 August 2009

    Rebranding backs Bakcell’s network expansion through Azerbaijan. Veteran CEO Ineke Botter has been drafted in by Bakcell to regain its lead in a competitive market in central Asia. First steps were network investment and a complete rebrand

  • Interview: Nick Lambert and Taj Onigbanjo of C&W 14 August 2009

    Growth in African connections will create investment boom. Cable & Wireless executives Nick Lambert and Taj Onigbanjo are trying to persuade global investors that there are huge opportunities in Africa once new cables connect the continent to the global internet

  • Interview: Adrian Dilworth of Vodafone Qatar 02 August 2009

    Vodafone’s new operation in Qatar went from zero to IPO in barely six months, thanks to some bold decisions by the team to find a new way to do things — decisions that may find application in other parts of the empire, CIO Adrian Dilworth tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Interview: Peter Gbedemah of Gateway Communications 01 August 2009

    Gateway Communications, provider of wholesale and corporate services in 40 African countries, is now owned by South African mobile group Vodacom. CEO Peter Gbedemah says there are synergies, and Vodacom’s resources will be valuable, but the company will remain separately managed in order to expand across Africa

  • July

    Interview: Paolo Susnik of Tinet 30 July 2009

    Tiscali tried to become a global broadband player, and then tried to be an IPTV giant in Italy and the UK. Now, as Carphone Warehouse buys the UK retail operation, Paolo Susnik explains how he found a private equity group to take over the wholesale business. Now he can plan Tinet’s future

  • Interview: Wang Jianzhou of China Mobile 28 July 2009

    Government delays meant China Mobile is later into 3G than smaller rivals, but CEO Wang Jianzhou has ordered 160,000 base stations and more than 200 cities will be covered by the end of 2009.

  • Interview: Sanjiv Ahuja of Eaton Telecom Infrastructure 24 July 2009

    Sanjiv Ahuja, former CEO of Orange, has assembled a team of senior executives from companies such as Celtel and Vodafone who are planning to buy up operators' existing infrastructure in order to share it between competitors

  • Interview: Matthew Key of Telefónica O2 14 July 2009

    Matthew Key, the head of Telefónica's European operations outside Spain, is at the centre of the new agreement to share masts with Vodafone in four countries. But, he tells Alan Burkitt-Gray, he's adamant that no deal should adversely affect the service or experience customers receive

  • June

    Interview: Andy Williams of Alcatel-Lucent 19 June 2009

    Operators are turning to traditional equipment vendors to provide managed services as they change their legacy networks, strive to reduce costs and seek new revenue streams, Alcatel-Lucent’s Andy Williams tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Interview: Brian Higgins of Verizon Wireless 19 June 2009

    Equipment from two leading vendors will be compared this year when Verizon Wireless tries out its first LTE systems in two US cities. The company hopes for commercial roll-out in 2010, says Brian Higgins, who is heading the development of innovative services

  • Interview: Nick Jeffery of Vodafone 19 June 2009

    Nick Jeffery, director of Vodafone Global Enterprise, is focussing the mobile giant’s efforts on winning contracts to provide fixed as well as mobile services — and providing a universal global service

  • May

    Interview: Ron Spears of AT&T 01 May 2009

    AT&T Business Solutions has not been seduced by desires to offer IT to giant multinationals, says CEO Ron Spears. Its own network is key to all it does, but he tells Alan Burkitt-Gray that the company is expanding network-based applications

  • Interview: Hamadoun Touré of the ITU 01 May 2009

    Hamadoun Touré is bringing the ITU's Telecom World show back to Geneva after an interval of six years, after moving it because of high costs. He hopes the city has learned its lessons, but the return will be marred by the economy

  • Interview: Boris Nemsic of Telekom Austria 01 May 2009

    Telekom Austria's CEO Boris Nemsic explains the challenges of running a fixed network plus a range of mobile businesses across eastern Europe, while preparing for the task of becoming CEO of VimpelCom

  • Interview: Scott Durchslag of Skype 01 May 2009

    Stand by for Nokia top-of-the-range phones with built-in Skype, so owners can make national and international calls for a fraction of the prices charged by mobile operators. Skype COO Scott Durchslag tells Alan Burkitt-Gray about the company's bold new plans

  • Interview: Rhonda O'Donnell of Freshtel 01 May 2009

    Freshtel is an Australian company that is pioneering VoIP-based services not only in its home market but also around the world, particularly in Asia and Europe. Alan Burkitt-Gray asks CEO Rhonda O'Donnell about how she sees the company developing

  • Interview: Bob Switz of ADC 01 May 2009

    Bob Switz has reshaped equipment maker ADC since he moved from the CFO's office to become CEO six years ago. After four significant acquisitions there are more he'd like to make, he tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Interview: Bhaskar Gorti of Oracle 01 May 2009

    Look to the software industry for the real innovation among telecoms vendors, says Oracle's Bhaskar Gorti. Operators are moving to standard architecture and opening up their networks, he tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Interview: Greg Brown of Motorola 01 May 2009

    Greg Brown is co-CEO of Motorola, in charge of the broadband equipment side of the business and sharing responsibility with the head of mobile devices for restructuring one of the industry's famous names. He talks to Alan Burkitt-Gray about the challenges ahead

  • Interview: Dan Powdermaker of Arbinet 01 May 2009

    International voice services are an essential part of any operator's service mix, but competition and the financial crisis mean that wholesale margins are tiny. Dan Powdermaker of Arbinet offers service providers a one-stop-shop to address this challenge. Co-sponsored feature: Arbinet

  • March

    Interview: Saad Al-Barrak of Zain 01 March 2009

    Zain CEO Saad Al-Barrak has led the company through more than six years of rapid growth from its Kuwait home to the biggest operation in Africa and the Middle East. Now he's set to take over Palestine's Paltel

  • Interview: Holly Kramer of Telstra 01 March 2009

    Australia's incumbent operator Telstra is about to start marketing bundled Microsoft software over its broadband network to business users. Telstra director Holly Kramer explains that this is a bold experiment for both companies

  • Interview: Pekka Ala-Pietilä of Blyk 01 March 2009

    Blyk gives 16-24-year-olds free calls and texts if they agree to receive ads. CEO and founder Pekka Ala-Pietilä is talking to operators worldwide about selling them the technology to run Blyk-like services

  • January

    Interview: Didier Lombard of France Telecom Orange 01 January 2009

    Didier Lombard has rebranded France Telecom as Orange worldwide. Now the CEO is set for his next challenge: a three-year programme starting in March 2009 to integrate the company's operations globally so that fixed and mobile services are seamlessly linked. Interview by Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Interview: Ben Verwaayen of Alcatel-Lucent 01 January 2009

    The merger of Alcatel and Lucent two years ago has not worked. Now, the founding management team has been replaced by former BT boss Ben Verwaayen who is restructuring the company and focussing it on key areas — and listening to the customers and the employees. Alan Burkitt-Gray asks him about his plans

  • Interview: John Killian of Verizon 01 January 2009

    Nearly three years after creating Verizon's international operations out of the old MCI company, John Killian continues to build up assets and is taking the company into professional services

  • Interview: Graeme Ross of KPMG 01 January 2009

    It's tough for many, but the recession means that telcos should be looking harder at ways to improve their performance and drive efficiencies and innovation, Graeme Ross of KPMG tells Alan Burkitt-Gray