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  • December

    Telus's new generation: Karen Radford of Telus Partner Solutions 01 December 2007

    Once just a regional carrier in Canada, Telus has transformed itself in seven years to become a national player that works with hundreds of operators worldwide. Now it is beginning the next stage: marketing innovative products and services on the world market. Alan Burkitt-Gray interviews Karen Radford, president of Telus Partner Solutions

  • An end of an intimate relationship. Interview: European Commissioner Viviane Reding 01 December 2007

    Regulators, politicians and national operators are too close, says Europe's media Commissioner Viviane Reding. She wants to bring 27 national regulators into a powerful authority which can apply standard rules across the whole European Union. She explains how it will work to Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Managing the changes ahead: Carl-Henric Svanberg of Ericsson 01 December 2007

    Ericsson is focussing more and more on developing its managed services and outsourcing business, CEO Carl-Henric Svanberg tells Alan Burkitt-Gray. But that's just one of his concerns, as the industry prepares for major technology changes and demand for bandwidth just keeps on growing

  • From Mumbai to global leadership. Srinath Narasimhan of VSNL 01 December 2007

    VSNL, part of the Tata industrial group, has transformed itself in five years from being the state-owned monopoly international gateway to India into a company with a global wholesale network and a developing broadband interest at home. Sonya Dutta Choudhury interviews Srinath Narasimhan, the executive who has led the change

  • Red tape entwines BSNL. Interview: Kuldeep Goyal 01 December 2007

    Government-owned BSNL is not short of cash, but political involvement in the decisions of the Indian incumbent mean it has found it difficult to grow its network to cope with rising demand. Sonya Dutta Choudhury discusses the organisation's dilemmas with its new chairman, Kuldeep Goyal

  • Expansion and growth: Malin Frenning of TeliaSonera 01 December 2007

    Malin Frenning heads the newly unified wholesale business of TeliaSonera, and is strengthening the network to deliver services for HDTV, gaming and other services

  • Clay pipes to digital pipes. Hans Tschuden, CFO of Telekom Austria 01 December 2007

    The new CFO of Telekom Austria spent two decades in a construction materials company — but there are similarities between being CFO of a public company making clay pipes and one in fixed and mobile telecoms, Hans Tschuden tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Bandwidth, bandwidth, bandwidth. City Telecom's NiQ Lai 01 December 2007

    One gigabit to the home is plenty for today, City Telecom CFO NiQ Lai tells Claire Rigby in the highly competitive Hong Kong market. Customers are streaming TV to their friends and enjoying services such as overnight back-up of their home PCs, and City Telecom is phasing out connections of only 10 megabits

  • A virtual presence. Andreas Hipp of Epsilon 01 December 2007

    A wholesale company which offers international operators a virtual presence in European markets is expanding to deliver ethernet connectivity, says CEO Andreas Hipp

  • October

    Marketing in Moscow 01 October 2007

    How influential is a chief marketing officer in a telco? According to many vendors, they are key. Cynthia Gordon has been a senior marketing executive in a number of western European countries, and now she's taken over as CMO of Russia's biggest mobile operator, MTS. She tells Alan Burkitt-Gray what it's like marketing in Moscow

  • Zapping for students 01 October 2007

    A new service is rolling out to students at universities in the UK and, later, Canada, meeting one of their long-felt needs: multichannel television. Inuk, a company backed by telecoms entrepreneur Terry Matthews, is behind the project, which plans to expand into the residential market as students grow up. Alan Burkitt-Gray interviews CEO Marcus Liassides

  • Wireless in Chile 01 October 2007

    Eduardo Díaz Corona runs Telmex in three countries in South America — Chile, Peru and Colombia. In Chile's highly competitive market the company now has a satellite TV operation and is pushing ahead with a bold WiMax rollout, due to cover 98% of the population by the end of the year — and he tells Claire Rigby that this is a precursor to a wider deployment across Telmex's empire

  • August

    Integrating your service 01 August 2007

    How do you provide a service level agreement when it's hard for you and your customers to understand your complex tariffs? David Small, head of Verizon's wholesale operations in the US, has been tidying up the legacy of a series of mergers in order to guarantee operators get what they pay for

  • Challenges of rural India 01 August 2007

    Emerging markets: affordability is not an issue. Jamie Anderson interviews Gurdeep Singh, the operations director for Uttar Pradesh of Hutchison in India, about the strategies necessary to be successful in a rural community in India

  • From the canals to Shanghai 01 August 2007

    Leader interview: David Rowe of Easynet. What did Rupert Murdoch want with a telecoms operator that ran its fibres along Britain's canals? But since the deal Easynet has found itself at the heart of a huge broadband offer and able to compete for large enterprise business, says CEO David Rowe, and now it's building network to China

  • A wholesale transformation 01 August 2007

    If voice really does become just an application on IP networks, and a free application at that, what does this mean for the wholesale operators that earn a living delivering minutes of voice traffic around the world? Eli Katz believes his XConnect will transform the business of IP voice services through peering federations

  • Tower of Babelgum 01 August 2007

    Telecoms operators have another challenger for their plans to earn revenue delivering video over broadband connections: Babelgum, yet another creation of alumni from Omnitel in the 1990s. New CEO Valerio Zingarelli explains how it will carve niches for passionate people

  • Fastweb team moves on to Greece 01 August 2007

    Two of the founders of Fastweb in Italy are planning to repeat their success story in Greece, where On Telecoms is challenging incumbent OTE. Alan Burkitt-Gray talks to CEO Ruggero Gramatica

  • July

    Star of Algeria 01 July 2007

    Wataniya has won a 20% share in the Algerian market in less than three years. COO Joseph Ged explains the strategy of innovation that enables a challenger to do well in a competitive market

  • At the forefront of the transformation 01 July 2007

    KPN is one of the world's two leaders in planning a complete replacement of their existing networks with a new generation network. John Quist took over directing the programme just as the Dutch incumbent gets ready for mass roll-out

  • Moving out of the chariot ruts 01 July 2007

    With its developing 21st Century Network, BT plans to get away from the restrictions set by legacy technology, which CTO Matt Beal likens to the limits that Roman chariots created for the Space Shuttle. By the end of 2007 he hopes 350,000 phone lines will be connected to the all-IP service, with a nationwide rollout due to begin months later, he tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • June

    Golden growth in Russia 01 June 2007

    With mobile at saturation, the fixed market is the place to go for growth in Russia. But that's not second best, says Jean-Pierre Vandromme of Golden Telecom: demand for broadband and the expanding business market is driving growth to huge levels. Cover interview: Jean-Pierre Vandromme of Golden Telecom

  • Transformation, transition, consolidation and acquisition 01 June 2007

    After taking Global Crossing through a period of considerable transformation under its majority shareholder, John Legere is expanding its services offering to enterprises and is taking over operators with local reach. With two in the bag already, he expects more deals by the end of 2007, he tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • New generation fuel 01 June 2007

    There's a momentum building up for mobile virtual networks around the world -- but each market is different and will need developing in its own way. Michael Anderson of Telcordia explains the challenges of MVNOs and of helping the rollout of new generation networks

  • April

    A market-oriented classic 01 April 2007

    Cover interview: Kathie Morrissey of AT&T. A triple merger has almost recreated the classic AT&T in the depth and scope that the former Ma Bell used to have. But technology and the industry have moved fast, and the new group is now investing heavily to serve operators and companies in other industries in India, Saudi Arabia, Europe and other parts of the world. In charge of the wholesale operation is Kathie Morrissey, who has seen the company through the changes of the past few years and is now developing its portfolio for different sectors

  • Sprinting into the WiMax world 01 April 2007

    Leader interview: Barry West of Sprint. Sprint CTO Barry West is a WiMax evangelist. He's spending $3 billion of the company's money on rolling out a vast network for this controversial new wireless technology. Some people are still sceptical, but West believes WiMax will give universal access to the internet — and is convinced there's money to be made

  • The phone without ears 01 April 2007

    Interview: Sunir Kochhar of Disney Mobile. Want to know where your child is? In the US, parents who are customers of Disney Mobile can locate their children to within a few metres. It's one of the services that Sunir Kochhar — one of the pioneers of the wireless industry — and his colleagues at Disney have designed to make the MVNO distinctive from the Sprint network that carries it. But there are no Mickey Mouse ears, he tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Convergence and heritage 01 April 2007

    Vendor interview: John Giere of Alcatel-Lucent. The Alcatel and Lucent merger was finalised at the end of 2006 and now the combined company is bringing together product lines and is planning its future strategy. At the heart of the process is chief marketing officer John Giere

  • The death of distance in Bangladesh 01 April 2007

    Emerging markets: Erik Aas of GrameenPhone. Telenor's investment in Bangadesh, GrameenPhone, is now 10 years old and it makes money. More than that, it is running prizewinning projects that allow poor people in remote areas to do things for which they would otherwise have to walk for hours. It's making a real difference to one of the poorest countries in the world. Erik Aas, the Norwegian who runs the operation, is proud of its achievements

  • A saturated market in Russia 01 April 2007

    Interview: Alexander Izosimov of VimpelCom. The mobile market in Russia is saturated, and VimpelCom's operations in neighbouring countries have a limited number of quarters of penetration growth, says CEO Alexander Izosimov. Now, having ended the Russian price war, he's persuading customers to use more services — and is looking for new markets to the south and east

  • TeleManagement Forum: Drive into new areas 01 April 2007

    The new president of the TeleManagement Forum, Martin Creaner, wants to expand the scope of the organisation — just as operators are themselves moving into new services. There's a management challenge in those services, he says, that the TM Forum can help sort out