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Global Telecoms Business


  • November

    Bearer of bad news 01 November 2000

    3G operators continue to invest billions in licences and infrastructure against a backdrop of decline in Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). Russell Whitworth, management consultant at Questus, argues that a shift to tariffing for services, instead of for bearers (network technical capability real time and non real time) could reverse the trend.

  • May

    WAP and GPRS offer a lot of challenges for billing 01 May 2000

    With the rush to WAP and GPRS, a new approach to mobile billing is required to exploit the opportunities from the new mobile data services. Paul Miller of the PA Consulting Group discusses the pitfalls of the current billing regimes and the needs for new ones.

  • April

    More to it than meets the eye - designing successful WAP services 01 April 2000

    Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) is the big buzzword. Statistics indicate that Internet access will more common via WAP devices than desktop PCs within two or three years. So, companies wishing to do business on the Net must learn how to properly design WAP services so they not only attract custom, but keep it. PA Consulting suggests successful methods of doing so.