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Global Telecoms Business


  • December

    Telcordia goes global 01 December 2004

    OSS giant Telcordia has freed itself from the control of Pentagon-focused SAIC. Its new owners are internationally minded investors and CEO Matt Desch hopes they will fund his acquisition strategy. By Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • August

    More lasagne, please 01 August 2004

    The move to open standards in the telecommunications industry means networks and services will be developed in layers, like lasagne, suggests HP's Sebastiano Tevarotto. Don't worry, that's the only food metaphor he uses in this interview

  • July

    Fraud at the heart of telecoms 01 July 2004

    Telecommunications operators are losing 10% of their revenues through fraud and related losses, says Azure CEO John Cronin. As the market develops towards paid-for premium content, the position will get more complex

  • Verizon and Telecom Italia have jumped into the software world 01 July 2004

    Dan Elron of Accenture believes that those companies that best understand the implications of the IP revolution are best places to benefit from the business opportunities

  • Watch out for the bundlers 01 July 2004

    Telecoms operators face a challenge from consumer companies with experience in bundling products and services, says Jean-Hervé Jenn, EMEA president at Convergys. As prices are reduced by new technology such as VoIP, they need to look for sources of growth

  • April

    CEO and CFO Guide to OSS - March-April 2004 01 April 2004

  • Do the maths in Moscow 01 April 2004

    The executive heading a major investment in OSS in Moscow's metropolitan gigabit ethernet carrier Comstar is a former professor of mathematics. Alan Burkitt-Gray interviews Vladimir Pelipenko on investment plans to upgrade systems in a highly competitive market

  • Emerging into the commercial world 01 April 2004

    It's not that long ago that, if you wanted a phone in Slovakia, you stood in line, filled in a form and then waited patiently for weeks. Ron Weintraub has spent the past three years helping the company to compete in a world where the customer, not the bureaucrat, comes first. Interview by Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Market thaws but standards rule 01 April 2004

    As confidence returns to the market service providers will have to adopt a standards based framework when they introduce back-office information systems or the cost will be too high, writes Ian Scales

  • News from TeleManagement World, May 2004 01 April 2004

  • News from TeleManagement World, May 2004 01 April 2004