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Global Telecoms Business


  • December

    The man behind the webtone switch 01 December 2006

    Sun founder Scott McNealy now has a strategic position in the company. He's having what he calls 'big conversations' with leaders of the telecoms industry about Sun's adherence to open standards, and his vision that they should be providing the 'webtone switch' as a way of achieving the company's long-held belief that 'the network is the computer'. Interview by Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Dutch courage 01 December 2006

    KPN is ripping out its legacy networks, including telephone exchanges and copper wires, and replacing the whole system with a nationwide fibre-to-the-kerb system that will deliver broadband services at 30-50 megabits. Altnets will be welcomed onto the network with a street-cabinet version of local loop unbundling, says Eelco Blok, the CEO of KPN's fixed network. Interview by Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Telecom operators facing customer management challenges 01 December 2006

    By CP Gurnani, president (international operations, of Tech Mahindra. Co-sponsored feature: Tech Mahindra

  • October

    Managing convergence from a single console 01 October 2006

    Co-sponsored feature: Dorado Software. Operators will gain economically if they merge the operations side of the business and(?) they abolish the service silos — but in order to do that they need to ensure their network equipment has the right set of tools, says Tim Sebring, CEO of Dorado Software

  • June

    Towards the revenue operations centre 29 June 2006

    The CTO of a telco has the network operations centre, and now the CFO can look forward to the revenue operations centre. That's the view of the two CEOs who have brought their companies together to create Subex Azure, combining fraud management with revenue assurance. Interview by Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • April

    Focus on consolidation 01 April 2006

    The March-April issue of Global Telecoms Business is the biggest we've done for years. Five C-level executives are on the cover — clockwise from the top, Saad Al Barrak, CEO of MTC; Kris Rinne, CTO of Cingular Wireless; Peter Erskine, CEO of O2; Boris Nemsic, CEO of Mobilkom Austria and CEO-designate of Telekom Austria; and John Killian, CEO of Verizon Business.

  • High-speed convergence at Cingular 01 April 2006

    With 54 million customers Cingular is the biggest mobile operator in the US — and one of the biggest GSM operators in the world. CTO Kris Rinne has overseen its merger with rival AT&T Wireless, is running the rapid rollout of 3G services including mobile TV, and now faces another rebranding as its two shareholders contemplate a merger. Interview by Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • End-customers demand more from mobile services 01 April 2006

    The Tellabs IntegratedMobile solution efficiently advances your network from 2G to 3G and beyond. Co-sponsored feature: Tellabs

  • March

    Converging your bills 01 March 2006

    Most operators have a different package of services for post-paid and pre-paid customers, and the two systems exist in different silos. Telkomsel's Arman Hazairin has pioneered a project to install a converged billing system that allows services to be offered and customers to choose how they pay

  • Looking for the white spaces 01 March 2006

    The new CEO of Telcordia is looking for white spaces — places where the company should be operating but is not. But in his first six months in the job Dan Carroll has also found hidden treasure on the existing map: work that the company did for one customer that, with modification, can be developed into products that can be marketed more widely

  • February

    New services boost OSS spending 01 February 2006

    Inventory management systems will help drive growth in the billing and OSS market, explains Analysys Research's Emma Buckland