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Global Telecoms Business


  • October

    Interview: Sergey Pridantsev of Comstar-UTS 01 October 2008

    Comstar's CEO is managing an ambitious programme to test an IMS strategy across Moscow, where it runs the fixed-line incumbent, MGTS. It's already improving broadband speeds, Sergey Pridantsev tells Alan Burkitt-Gray, but next it plans to implement an IMS transformation — as a way of demonstrating it can provide the whole of Russia with high-quality broadband

  • Data is money 01 October 2008

    Telecoms operators need to use better business intelligence so that managers can take decisions and can tackle key issues such as revenue leakage, asset management, customer contact and the perennial problem of churn. Co-sponsored feature: Hewlett-Packard

  • July

    Interview: Thierry Bonhomme of France Telecom Orange 01 July 2008

    In the March/April 2008 issue of Global Telecoms Business we looked at how BT manages its research and innovation. In this interview Thierry Bonhomme, head of research and innovation at France Telecom, discusses Orange's strategy to use its labs in Europe, the US, the Middle East and China, to be embedded in the national ecosystems where the company does business

  • April

    Interview: Mike Carr of BT 01 April 2008

    What does a company such as BT get from its massive spend on research and development? Access to the world's scientists and the ability to form an opinion, the chief scientist tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • CommuniGate Systems brings home its message over wifi with Numero Uno 01 April 2008

    Co-sponsored feature: CommuniGate Systems. The rapidly expanding coverage provided by wifi networks and hotspots around the world is creating lucrative and diverse opportunities for service providers, both in the enterprise and consumer fields, writes Jon Doyle

  • Content is king for China's IPTV leader 01 April 2008

    Shanghai Media Group's BesTV is rolling out IPTV across China and hopes for two million customers this year, helped by the Olympics and well-targeted content, from stockmarket reports to cartoons teaching English. Kim Hunter Gordon meets COO Li HuaiYu

  • Make a profitable service from unified communications 01 April 2008

    View from the Top: Jon Doyle of CommuniGate. Smart network operators should learn a lesson from and offer software services to small and medium enterprises

  • US and Russia lead, but could do so much better 01 April 2008

    A new connectivity scorecard shows which countries are performing best in the world in using the internet — but, says Ilkka Lakaniemi, the research illustrates how much better each one could be in terms of effectiveness

  • February

    Verizon and Vodafone evolve together towards the fourth generation 01 February 2008

    The mobile world was surprised at the end of 2007 when Verizon decided to break from its traditional wireless technology path and join the GSM community's route to 4G. Dick Lynch, CTO of Verizon Wireless and now of the whole group, tells Alan Burkitt-Gray of his decision to work with Vodafone on the industry's long-term evolution to the next generation

  • Churn will be the challenge as broadband competition strengthens 01 February 2008

    The good news is that 48 million more Western European households will get broadband over the next six years, says Pete Nuthall. The bad news for ISPs is that churn will rise as customers look for better deals

  • WeDo strengthened after merger 01 February 2008

    Nuno Homem, chief technology officer of WeDo Technologies, answers questions about the newly rebranded company, formed from the merger of WeDo and Cape Technologies. The unified team has deployed solutions for large operators in many parts of the world. Co-sponsored feature: WeDo Technologies