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Global Telecoms Business


  • November

    White paper: Self-organising networks 20 November 2009

    The Nokia Siemens Networks SON suite

  • Interview: Ted Griggs of Ribbit 13 November 2009

    Ted Griggs, the CEO of Ribbit, now owned by BT, has been made CTO of BT Voice

  • BT offers Ribbit cloud phone service 03 November 2009

    BT is taking names for a beta trial of Ribbit, a web-based system to manage calls and messages

  • August

    Interview: Adrian Dilworth of Vodafone Qatar 02 August 2009

    Vodafone’s new operation in Qatar went from zero to IPO in barely six months, thanks to some bold decisions by the team to find a new way to do things — decisions that may find application in other parts of the empire, CIO Adrian Dilworth tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • June

    Embracing the next generation — economically 19 June 2009

    Evolution, not revolution, is the key to a successful IP migration. Co-sponsored feature: Genband

  • Industry needs to work together and learn from IT’s example 19 June 2009

    Telcos at the crossroads, says Trudy Norris-Grey. Companies should learn from the IT industry and work together to embrace new technology. Otherwise telecoms will become an expensive connectivity industry and all of the value will go elsewhere

  • One for all 19 June 2009

    A seamless service experience achieved with a core network strategy and migration steps using the principle of ‘always best connected’, write Manfred Schmitz and Karsten Knüttel. Co-sponsored feature: Detecon

  • The path to a new world of services 19 June 2009

    The GSM Association’s PathFinder project allows operators to use their installed base of subscriber phone numbers to link users to data and a wide range of new services, explains Michael O’Hara

  • May

    Interview: Ron Spears of AT&T 01 May 2009

    AT&T Business Solutions has not been seduced by desires to offer IT to giant multinationals, says CEO Ron Spears. Its own network is key to all it does, but he tells Alan Burkitt-Gray that the company is expanding network-based applications

  • Interview: Rhonda O'Donnell of Freshtel 01 May 2009

    Freshtel is an Australian company that is pioneering VoIP-based services not only in its home market but also around the world, particularly in Asia and Europe. Alan Burkitt-Gray asks CEO Rhonda O'Donnell about how she sees the company developing

  • Interview: Bhaskar Gorti of Oracle 01 May 2009

    Look to the software industry for the real innovation among telecoms vendors, says Oracle's Bhaskar Gorti. Operators are moving to standard architecture and opening up their networks, he tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • March

    Interview: Holly Kramer of Telstra 01 March 2009

    Australia's incumbent operator Telstra is about to start marketing bundled Microsoft software over its broadband network to business users. Telstra director Holly Kramer explains that this is a bold experiment for both companies

  • Market realities that shape BSS and OSS 01 March 2009

    If service providers are to embrace the promise of the mobile broadband era, the costly tax of proprietary integration must be eliminated in favour of the internet based open standards model, says Richard Hallett

  • Survival of fittest will decide suppliers' future 01 March 2009

    Vendors are coming under severe pressure from new competitors and from the changing needs of operators. Klaus von den Hoff conducted a global survey of telecom CTOs and reports their views on the challenges ahead

  • January

    Interview: Didier Lombard of France Telecom Orange 01 January 2009

    Didier Lombard has rebranded France Telecom as Orange worldwide. Now the CEO is set for his next challenge: a three-year programme starting in March 2009 to integrate the company's operations globally so that fixed and mobile services are seamlessly linked. Interview by Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Interview: Ben Verwaayen of Alcatel-Lucent 01 January 2009

    The merger of Alcatel and Lucent two years ago has not worked. Now, the founding management team has been replaced by former BT boss Ben Verwaayen who is restructuring the company and focussing it on key areas — and listening to the customers and the employees. Alan Burkitt-Gray asks him about his plans

  • Operators face billing challenges as they launch new services 01 January 2009

    There's a growing need for future-proof billing systems as operators offer new services in a bid to increase average revenue per user, says Orga CEO Rainer Neumann