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Global Telecoms Business


  • December

    Flag's Bombay surprise 01 December 2003

    India's industrial giant Reliance is behind one of the world's fastest growing mobile phone companies and is exploring television over the wireline network with Microsoft. Now it has agreed to buy Flag Telecoms, operator of a worldwide optical fibre network. What's behind the move?

  • Personal services, personal numbers 01 December 2003

    Stefano Pileri is on the way to slashing 60% off operational expenditure on Telecom Italia's long-distance network by moving the whole system to voice over IP. In what's probably a world first, he expects the system to be carrying 15 billion minutes a year ? and next year he's planning to develop new revenue streams using the local broadband network by launching personal voice over IP services

  • The unification of Orange 01 December 2003

    As Orange progresses with the development of its 3G mobile networks, the company is gaining efficiencies by centralizing as much as possible while still leaving roll-out and operations to individual countries. Alain Maloberti, vice president of network systems, architecture and design, explains

  • Wireless in Malaysia 01 December 2003

    Malaysia wants its population to have widespread access to broadband services. AtlasOne, funded through Islamic finance, is building a broadband wireless IP network, initially for email and internet access ? but it has ideas about voice and video to follow

  • November

    IP, but not quite everywhere 01 November 2003

    Many say that internet protocol will become universal and switched networks will die. Not so quickly, suggests Gary Smith, CEO of Ciena. The economics don't make sense

  • September

    AT&T after the unhappy Concert 01 September 2003

    They were never quite partners and are certainly now rivals. A year after the Concert joint venture between AT&T and BT ended, Alan Burkitt-Gray introduces an in-depth look at how both companies are now focussing on building up their global services businesses. Below, Justin Sims, CEO of AT&T Global Services gives his views on how AT&T is serving what he calls ?most of the world?, and starting on page 00 Andy Green, his opposite number at BT, describes how his own business is reviving

  • BT's new global tune 01 September 2003

    Like AT&T, BT also had to decide what to do after the Concert joint venture folded in 2002. Many expected the company to pull out of international services altogether, after eight years of trying different ventures. But a more focussed approach seems to have revived the operation and the unit says it is signing up substantial new business

  • Eslambolchi's in-flight service 01 September 2003

    The chief information officer of AT&T is dumping 270 legacy systems and replacing them with single ordering, provisioning and billing software. It's like changing the engines of an airliner in mid-flight, Hossein Eslambolchi tells Alan Burkitt-Gray. But the results are transforming the company

  • Heading eastwards 01 September 2003

    Roger Wilson has taken over as head of the lobby group for Europe's competitive operators at a time when there are new opportunities in the central and eastern countries about to join the European Union

  • There's only one BT 01 September 2003

    Pierre Danon is a member of the new team which is transforming BT into a network-based IT company. As former Xerox executive, he knows what office workers need and he's driving BT Retail to offer services to make mobile working, hot desking and working from home much easier. But in the residential market he's pulling BT out of the content side of the operation, outsourcing it to Yahoo!

  • August

    Broadband everywhere 01 August 2003

    Inmarsat is changing its image from a provider of maritime phone services to a company that can carry broadband business data almost everywhere in the world. But its first task is a fast approaching deadline for a share flotation

  • July

    Accessing India 01 July 2003

    The liberalization of the Indian market has given internet service provider Data Access the opportunity to win a large share of the international traffic into and out of the country. Now Siddhartha Ray, founder and managing director, plans to repeat the process in neighbouring Sri Lanka

  • First off the mark into IP 01 July 2003

    FirstMark has restructured as LambdaNet, focussing on the European wholesale market with intercity and metropolitan area networks. The company has appointed PricewaterhouseCoopers to advise on future strategy

  • Help! Where am I? 01 July 2003

    When customers call the emergency services, do you know where they are? In the US, the FCC is imposing fines on operators that are failing the provide the technology. The European Union is moving the same way

  • Live from Bratislava 01 July 2003

    Slovakia's mobile phone operator Eurotel has beaten most of its European rivals to offer customers live relays of the country's television news channel, even those still using 2G. CEO Robert Chvátal explains how the company has done it

  • Surviving on the level 01 July 2003

    Many thought it was a sign of weakness when Jim Crowe started making deep economies at Level 3 more than two years ago. It turns out that it was a successful strategy for survival. Now he's waiting for the upturn

  • Trading in positive territory 01 July 2003

    Minutes trading has survived the scepticism and is growing. Arbinet is carrying 22 million minutes a day and expects to be cash flow positive this year. It is installing new switches and is looking for growth in the market for voice over IP

  • Waiting for the minister 01 July 2003

    Competition is eventually coming to South African telecommunications, though the regulator and the minister are taking a long time over the process. Once a decision is made, South Africa's model could be adopted by other African countries

  • May

    An interdependent world 01 May 2003

    As operators offer new services they need to think about the interdependence with existing offerings, says Tertio Telecoms CEO Nigel Clifford. This is a feature from the Global Telecoms Business supplement for TeleManagement World, Nice, May 2003. Tertio is a sponsor of the supplement.

  • From the best pipes to the best service 01 May 2003

    Axiom's system helps operators to increase productivity 500%, and customers can see what's going on, says CEO Alexander Evans This is a feature from the Global Telecoms Business supplement for TeleManagement World, Nice, May 2003. Axiom Systems is a sponsor of the supplement.

  • Keeping track from end to end 01 May 2003

    Incatel's network and service inventory system helps operators improve their efficiency, says vice president Ihsen Fekih. This is a feature from the Global Telecoms Business supplement for TeleManagement World, Nice, May 2003. Incatel is a sponsor of the supplement.

  • April

    At the crossroads 01 April 2003

    Turkcell is benefiting from Turkey's recovery from near economic disaster in 2001. The company is now in profit and expects to be able to pay back all its debts by 2005. But at the meeting point of Asia and Europe, life has more than its share of uncertainties

  • Islands of opportunity 01 April 2003

    Sales of mobile phones in Indonesia are growing fast -- but with low wireline penetration there is huge scope for the market leader, Telkomsel. The company is launching advanced services while its owners ponder a share flotation

  • Mobilizing the money 01 April 2003

    Phone companies may not be turning into banks, but four of the largest are working together to set up a new brand which might turn into a rival for payment services to the big credit card brands

  • Wrestling with the FCC 01 April 2003

    Duane Ackerman, chief executive officer of BellSouth, and his colleagues in the other US regional operators are planning to challenge the latest moves of the Federal Communications Commission

  • February

    2G operators face 'no impact' from Hutchison, says DrKW 01 February 2003

  • Broadband connections over DSL double in one year 01 February 2003

  • Snatching for the mobile wallet 01 February 2003

    Mobile phone companies as banks? Maybe not, but operators, suppliers, software companies and banking service companies are looking at the cellphone as a mobile electronic wallet. One of the problems could be a proliferation of organizations promoting the idea, writes Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • The oxygen of publicity 01 February 2003

    European mobile phone operator O2 is just a year into its rebranding. But the long-term future of the former Cellnet, no longer part of BT, is still uncertain. CEO Peter Erskine is glad to be independent from his former parent: decision-making is more focussed. But what will those decisions be?

  • Users 'will pay up to €330' for a 3G handset, says survey 01 February 2003

  • January

    A date with India 01 January 2003

    An SMS-based mobile dating service in conservative India? Bharti Telecom has been doubling its customer numbers each year by providing advanced services in what has been an under-served market. Chairman Sunil Bharti Mittal explains the strategy

  • Interoute's rapid revival 01 January 2003

    For a few weeks in late 2002 it looked as though European carrier Interoute was joining KPNQwest and others on the scrap heap, especially when Alcatel failed to reach agreement for a time. But the company has emerged from its restructuring and is hoping to announce new customers