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  • December

    Switching telecoms in China 01 December 2004

    As Chinese operators await possible reorganization, Alan Burkitt-Gray interviews Li Zhengmao, vice president of China Unicom, the country's only integrated operator, with both GSM and CDMA mobile networks, and likely to be central to the country's telecoms strategy

  • Words from the brink 01 December 2004

    As Global Crossing plans to raise a $350 million loan on its UK operation, CFO Dan O'Brien explains how the company survived another bumpy year, how it might sell or close some operations, and where it goes next

  • Telcordia goes global 01 December 2004

    OSS giant Telcordia has freed itself from the control of Pentagon-focused SAIC. Its new owners are internationally minded investors and CEO Matt Desch hopes they will fund his acquisition strategy. By Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • The voice of Alice 01 December 2004

    The word 'broadband' is banned because it appeals only to geeks, and Telecom Italia is boosting VoIP takeup with a range of advanced, attractive phones. Stefano Pileri and Gionata La Torre outlined their strategy to Alex Ritman

  • End of the fixed line as mobiles rule the world 01 December 2004

    You know it, but if you're in the fixed-line business you hardly dare admit it. People are dropping their fixed phone lines and just using their mobiles. It's even happening at work — in Nokia, anyway. Geoff Nairn looks at this growing trend

  • Maturing kid on the block 01 December 2004

    Voice over IP is not quite there yet, but it has the potential to eat into fixed line operators' revenues, both from enterprises and from consumers. Priscilla Awde surveys this new competitor

  • Sobering lessons from Cisco 01 December 2004

    Francis McInerney of North River Ventures analyses why Cisco is outperforming its competitors and why it will continue to do so

  • Where's the money gone? 01 December 2004

    The wider mobile payments industry has been a spectacular failure. Most services to date consist of digital content for use on handsets billed directly to the mobile phone bill. The industry is experiencing a dramatic shift as new types of service providers emerge, including merchants and financial services organisation, to use the mobile as a convenient channel to collect payments. Ashley Ward, CEO of Upaid, explores what is required to achieve mass market acceptance of mobile payments and their ultimate success

  • New dawn of Asia Pacific privatisation 01 December 2004

    It's nearly the Year of the Rooster, and throughout the Asia Pacific region the cockerel will crowing to start a year which will see huge share sales and reorganisations, writes Michael Newlands

  • Always expect the unexpected 01 December 2004

    How will the industry adapt to the challenges of the disruptive technologies that are affecting operators and suppliers? Sometimes the biggest impact is in unexpected places. Doing nothing is not an option, but large companies are often ill-equipped to handle innovation, writes Alun Lewis

  • August

    End of integration as low-cost operators capture customers 01 August 2004

    Jamie Anderson considers the end of integration as low-cost operators lure customers from the incumbents

  • July

    Broad, broader, broadest 01 July 2004

    Verizon's CIO Shaygan Kheradpir thinks the sort of broadband you get from ADSL is pretty puny. He's thinking up advanced services for homes that, thanks to optical fibre, will have 200 times the bandwidth. The company is spending $55 billion on its vision

  • End of integration as low-cost operators capture customers 01 July 2004

  • Private equity investing in central Europe 01 July 2004

    Chris Mruck of private equity firm Advent International reflects on the now completed deal to buy 65% of Bulgaria's incumbent operator

  • Verizon and Telecom Italia have jumped into the software world 01 July 2004

    Dan Elron of Accenture believes that those companies that best understand the implications of the IP revolution are best places to benefit from the business opportunities

  • Watch out for the bundlers 01 July 2004

    Telecoms operators face a challenge from consumer companies with experience in bundling products and services, says Jean-Hervé Jenn, EMEA president at Convergys. As prices are reduced by new technology such as VoIP, they need to look for sources of growth

  • May

    2004 telecommunications results calendar 01 May 2004

    This chart shows dates when major companies in the telecommunications industry ? operators and suppliers ? are expected to announce their quarterly, half yearly and full year results for the rest of 2004. Research for the calendar was carried out by financial public relations specialist Citigate Dewe Rogerson, whose clients include Deutsche Telekom, Qualcomm, Matav, Siemens and T-Mobile. We have adapted it with permission and thanks. For more information contact

  • April

    CEO and CFO Guide to OSS - March-April 2004 01 April 2004

  • Do the maths in Moscow 01 April 2004

    The executive heading a major investment in OSS in Moscow's metropolitan gigabit ethernet carrier Comstar is a former professor of mathematics. Alan Burkitt-Gray interviews Vladimir Pelipenko on investment plans to upgrade systems in a highly competitive market

  • Emerging into the commercial world 01 April 2004

    It's not that long ago that, if you wanted a phone in Slovakia, you stood in line, filled in a form and then waited patiently for weeks. Ron Weintraub has spent the past three years helping the company to compete in a world where the customer, not the bureaucrat, comes first. Interview by Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Market thaws but standards rule 01 April 2004

    As confidence returns to the market service providers will have to adopt a standards based framework when they introduce back-office information systems or the cost will be too high, writes Ian Scales

  • News from TeleManagement World, May 2004 01 April 2004

  • News from TeleManagement World, May 2004 01 April 2004

  • The nightingale sighs in Berkeley Square 01 April 2004

    NTT DoCoMo, the outstandingly successful Japanese mobile operator, is clearly happy with most of its European partnerships. But there is one exception, though: its investment in Hutchison Whampoa's third generation business in the UK. On that, however, words are clearly not enough. Alan Burkitt-Gray listens to the sighs and groans

  • Triple play in Korea 01 April 2004

    Sang-Yong Lee, managing director of South Korea's BSI, is building a broadband network to enable cable operators to offer the triple play of video, broadband internet and IP telephony ? plus other advanced services ? to their customers