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Management issues

  • October

    Convergence in Consumer Markets ... with speakers' PowerPoint presentations 01 October 2005

    Global Telecoms Business presented a two-day conference in London on September 27-28 2006 on the key issues affecting telecoms operators in the converged future

  • Pirelli opens up attack on the 'new frontier' 01 October 2005

    Report from the Broadband World Forum on how a company best known for tyres is building its telecoms equipment business. Sam Baird interviews Pirelli's CEO Mauro Sacchetto

  • New spirit as BT is transformed 01 October 2005

    The mood at the UK's incumbent has been transformed in the past three years. Ben Verwaayen, CEO of the company behind the 21st Century Network plan, believes that there is a need for 'transformational stuff' to develop the full potential of convergence and the networked economy

  • The business class internet 01 October 2005

    Juniper appears to be winning over suppliers and operators to its two-year-old vision of a version of the internet that delivers a better quality of service and is secure against the 'nasties' that impede our use of the network. CTO Pradeep Sindhu explains the reasoning behind this idea, originally called the Infranet but recently renamed IPsphere

  • Out into the ether 01 October 2005

    From your laptop to the local area network and across the world — all using the same ethernet standard. That's the dream of fast-growing US operator Yipes, which is forging links across the world and challenging established network standards. CTO Kamran Sistanizadeh talks to Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Getting the picture: why the telcos need video 01 October 2005

    Moving pictures on the mobile phone will be important, believes the CEO of Singapore operator Mobile One, but he and others are still exploring the different options — including a thriller drama in 20 episodes

  • The world is flat: VSNL in definitive agreement to acquire Teleglobe 01 October 2005

    Tom Evslin, founder of pioneering voice over IP operator ITXC, comments on the reasons Teleglobe — which acquired ITXC — is to be acquired itself by the giant Indian operator VSNL

  • The price of accountability and ROI 01 October 2005

    Ashley Ward comments on the decision by Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile and Telefónica Móviles to end their Simpay mobile payment venture

  • Reaching new heights with wireless 01 October 2005

    Altitude Télécom is offering WiMax and other fixed wireless services to customers in Paris and areas of rural France

  • May

    Letters begin ... the marketing sermon on the Mount 26 May 2005

    The IT world has long been awash with initials and acronyms – and it seems that the wireless world is no better. And if determining the relative importance of the various acronyms is something of a challenge for the customers, there's also a battle for supremacy within the industry that adds further confusion. Chief Marketing Officer Council member Kevin Taylor looks beyond the initial challenge and outlines the marketing reality. This is the first of a new series of articles in association with the CMO Council

  • News from TeleManagement World 18 May 2005

    The full three days' news from Global Telecoms Business's daily newspaper published at TeleManagement World in Nice, May 17-19 2005.

  • How BT will implement 21CN 03 May 2005

    BT has announced the eight main suppliers for 21CN. Now Matt Beal, head of 21CN implementation, begins the tight schedule leading to switching on the first elements in 2006 -- and closing down part of the PSTN later in the year

  • April

    Success without a network 25 April 2005

    As Vanco announces doubled profits, Alex Ritman asks CEO Allen Timpany about the company he bought for £1 in 1988 and whether he is looking for a buyer

  • March

    Hong Kong's 21st century network 29 March 2005

    In the dense apartment blocks of Hong Kong, it has cost $130 a home to build a broadband ethernet network capable of offering triple-play IP services to 1.2 million homes — at monthly rates that can only be dreamed of in Europe or North America. City Telecom is expanding its coverage, funded by a $120 million bond issue. By Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Pink T by the Danube 29 March 2005

    The Hungarian incumbent Matáv is about to adopt the branding of its parent company, Deutsche Telekom. Alex Ritman talks to CEO Elek Straub about the know-how — financial and technological — Deutsche Telekom has contributed since 1992 and how the new branding will help

  • Talking about my generation 29 March 2005

    How many third generation networks do you need? While most of the world still has to build one, in South Korea SKT has started work on its second, a GSM-based WCDMA system to run in parallel with its existing EV-DO system — as well as older networks. The country is one of the world's most advanced for mobile broadband and Alan Burkitt-Gray finds out why from the executive in charge of the company's technology

  • Starting to brew in Europe 29 March 2005

    NTT DoCoMo has licensed its i-mode technology to a growing number of operators around Europe. Finally, says Takeshi Natsuno, the brains behind the strategy, i-mode is starting to brew. Alan Burkitt-Gray interviewed him at 3GSM in February

  • February

    Wireless Vonage starts quietly in Europe 01 February 2005

    Vonage has launched its services in the UK, but you would be excused for missing the fireworks. However CEO Jeffrey Citron is putting a team in place and plans to release the company's new wifi phones in all markets at the same time

  • Getting the picture: why the telcos need video 01 February 2005

    Telephone companies have been dreaming about challenging cable's TV services for years. Now, they're investing to deliver pay-TV to the home market. They see video as exciting and sexy, but some recognize they might not make much money at it, writes Alex Ritman

  • Jean-Yves plans a teenage transformation 01 February 2005

    Jean-Yves Charlier has been the CEO leading Colt Telecom since August 2004. It's a challenging business in a crowded market, and Charlier plans to push forward with service innovation while keeping the company to the niches it knows best

  • Island of telecoms 01 February 2005

    There's not much of a home market in a country of four million for an ambitious incumbent, even a country as technological as Singapore. That's why SingTel has been expanding around the world — and is now looking to sign business from international enterprises. Alan Burkitt-Gray interviews Lucas Chow

  • The dominant technology 01 February 2005

    If the transformation of the GSM Association's governance with the creation of a new board was the major milestone of 2003, 2004 was characterised as the year when the new board's strategic insight started to translate into tangible deliverables. According to chairman, Craig Ehrlich, the board recently appointed to serve for the next two years looks forward to continued progress towards the second billion GSM users, and accelerating demand for the richer experience now being delivered by 3GSM.