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  • December

    Australia nears peace in Telstra dispute 18 December 2009

    The government company building Australia’s National Broadband Network is close to agreement with the incumbent, Telstra, about working together

  • France hopes new 3G licence will cut prices 18 December 2009

    Iliad’s Free Mobile has won the fourth 3G licence in France, and the French regulator hopes the competition will reduce prices

  • Create and innovate without artificial barriers 17 December 2009

    Rick Whitt of Google comments on proposals by the US FCC to introduce legal safeguards for the nature of the internet

  • Fostering customer intimacy 17 December 2009

    Insights for communications service providers, based on research by Oracle into how they deliver customer service

  • Industry needs to make an impact to reduce carbon footprint 17 December 2009

    China Mobile chairman and CEO Wang Jianzhou believes the telecoms industry must start at home

  • Orange and T-Mobile urge EU probe 17 December 2009

    France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom hope that the European Commission will give faster approval to their UK merger than the UK’s authorities

  • Telcos oppose Indian flat fee structure 17 December 2009

    AT&T, BT and other operators working in India are complaining to the regulator against a raised licence fee

  • Why is the industry invisible in the blogosphere? 17 December 2009

    Almost no one in the telecoms industry users blogs to communicate their messages to customers

  • Industry is slow to make best use of data 16 December 2009

    Telecoms operators fail to build customer profiles and take action on the basis of the results

  • Telecom Italia chief against network split 14 December 2009

    Franco Bernabè, CEO of Telecom Italia, has come out against a proposal to separate out its fixed-line network into a different company

  • UK to plug broadband tax loophole 14 December 2009

    Telecoms customers in the UK will have to pay a tax to help fund rural broadband even if they use their phone lines only for internet access, not traditional phone services

  • C&W hires Worldwide CFO 11 December 2009

    Cable & Wireless has hired a CFO for its UK-based Worldwide business, one of the two units into which the group will separate in 2010

  • Egypt pushes licences bid deadline 11 December 2009

    Egypt has moved the deadline for applications for fixed services licences to March 2010, but licences will be for restricted services only

  • Mexico to close spectrum auctions mid-2010 10 December 2009

    Mexico is to run two sets of spectrum auctions in the first half of 2010, according to the regulator, Cofetel

  • Interview: Kevin Zhang of Huawei 09 December 2009

    21-year-old Huawei's next challenge is to help operators everywhere transform their networks for the IP world

  • Deutsche Telekom COO to join Siemens unit 08 December 2009

    The enterprise communications division of Siemens has hired Deutsche Telekom’s COO, Hamid Akhavan, to become its CEO from February 2010

  • Interview: Stefan Öberg of Skype 08 December 2009

    Skype’s business chief Stefan Öberg explains how the company plans to win over sceptical IT departments

  • Deutsche Telekom loses case on fibre access 04 December 2009

    The European Union’s supreme court has upheld a ruling by the European Commission that Deutsche Telekom must allow competitors to have access to its optical fibre broadband network

  • Is it boom or bust for telecoms in Africa and the Middle East? 04 December 2009

    Paul Budde analyses the data for services in the Middle East and Africa

  • AT&T drops Verizon 3G ad suit 03 December 2009

    AT&T has decided not to try to block Verizon Wireless’s advertising campaign which claims its 3G coverage is better than AT&T’s

  • France Telecom appoints next CEO 03 December 2009

    Stéphane Richard has been appointed deputy CEO of France Telecom, as the first step on the way to taking over from Didier Lombard when he retires in 2011

  • India bans handsets without IMEI 03 December 2009

    The Indian government has told operators to block calls to and from phones that do not have a valid IMEI number, as a move against terrorism

  • FCC calls for $7bn subsidy revamp 02 December 2009

    US regulator Julius Genachowski is looking for ways to restructure the universal service fund in order to boost broadband access in rural areas

  • People, December 2 2009 02 December 2009

    Details of the new people at the top of the reorganised Telstra, the new board for VimpelCom, and the new EU commissioners

  • France Telecom must repay €1bn state aid 01 December 2009

    A European court of appeal has ruled against France Telecom, which must now repay state aid provided illegally by the French government from the early 1990s

  • Virgin Mobile India to run 3G for MTNL 01 December 2009

    The Indian operation of Virgin Mobile has won a contract to manage 3G services for MTNL, after the operator won only 1,000 users in six months

  • November

    Thodey reorganises Telstra into new units 30 November 2009

    New CEO David Thodey has put his own team in place in Telstra, losing Holly Kramer and appointing separate heads of its fixed and wireless networks, plus a new international operation for its Chinese investments

  • LG operators to merge in South Korea 27 November 2009

    Three operators in the LG group in South Korea are to merge in December to strengthen their competitive position against Korea Telecom and SK Telecom

  • Thailand may defer 3G auction 27 November 2009

    The government of Thailand is expected to postpone its auction of four 3G licences until the second quarter of 2010 because of delays in agreeing with current operators

  • Industry's leaders talk exclusively to Global Telecoms Business 26 November 2009

    Read the views Rob Conway, Dan Dooley, Robert Watson, Ted Griggs and Steve Largent in exclusive interviews in Global Telecoms Business now

  • Industry leaders reveal their plans to Global Telecoms Business 26 November 2009

    Top figures from the telecoms business give exclusive interviews to

  • European Parliament passes telecom reforms 26 November 2009

    Swedish minister for communications Åsa Torstensson has signed a law to harmonise telecoms rules for the 27-nation European Union and to set up Berec, a coordinating body for regulators

  • Telekom Austria offloads staff to police 26 November 2009

    Telekom Austria has found an unusual way of reducing its staff: 500 of them, still classed as civil servants, are to join the police

  • EC calls off Qualcomm royalty probe 25 November 2009

    Europe has dropped its inquiry into Qualcomm after the US company has settled independently with Nokia and Broadcom

  • Interview: Robert Watson of Sasktel 24 November 2009

    CEO Robert Watson explains how SaskTel is marketing its services and software internationally

  • Operators still waiting for ad revenue 24 November 2009

    Why aren’t mobile operators earning more revenue from advertising?

  • TDC owners begin strategic review 24 November 2009

    The private equity owners of Denmark’s TDC have started a strategic review that may lead to their selling part of the company

  • Orange and T-Mobile hold onto UK spectrum 23 November 2009

    T-Mobile and Orange are telling the UK regulator that they do not want to give up spectrum in exchange for regulatory approval of their planned merger of UK operations

  • Mexico may permit foreign control of telcos 20 November 2009

    Mexico is considering lifting a 49% limit on foreign ownership of fixed-line phone companies, opening up an opportunity for international investment and challenging Telmex’s dominance

  • Telekom Austria may merge mobile and fixed 13 November 2009

    Telekom Austria is considering merging operations of mobile and fixed services

  • Cloud computing roundtable: will telcos miss out? 11 November 2009

    GTB invited leaders from the industry to a roundtable to discuss opportunities in the cloud

  • Comms must help tackle climate change 11 November 2009

    China Mobile’s Wang Jianzhou believes the industry must address climate change

  • Ignore Twitter at your peril, but check who’s tweeting 11 November 2009

    To tweet, or not to tweet? That is one of many questions marketers face in the social media world

  • Switzerland plans mobile frequency auction 11 November 2009

    Switzerland is planning to reauction 2G and 3G mobile licences, which expire over the next seven years, and offer new digital dividend licences

  • Skype founders win 14% stake for patents 06 November 2009

    Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis have won a victory in their legal battle against Skype owner eBay and will take a 14% stake worth $385 million in the IP telephony company in full settlement

  • October

    US net neutrality debate warms up 23 October 2009

    Google and Verizon Wireless CEOs unite to join US debate on net neutrality

  • FCC starts US net neutrality debate 23 October 2009

    The US Federal Communications Commission has asked for comments by March 5 2010 on its proposals to impose net neutrality on internet service providers — a move that would cut their ability to restrict customers from using other providers’ applications.

  • Unlikely bedfellows agree on net neutrality 23 October 2009

    The CEOs of Verizon Wireless and Google say it is essential that the internet remains unrestricted

  • Verizon, FCC, Orange, KPN executive moves 22 October 2009

    Global Telecoms Business keeps you in touch with the latest appointments at the top of the industry

  • Nokia takes patent action over iPhone 22 October 2009

    The rivalry between Nokia and Apple has moved to a legal level, with the news that Nokia is alleging in a US court that Apple’s iPhone infringes Nokia’s patents covering GSM, 3G and wifi

  • Time to get smarter: CEM use aids smartphone adoption 22 October 2009

    The average monthly data received and sent by handsets will reach 1.6 exabytes by 2014

  • Politicians dispute over Telstra split 21 October 2009

    Australian government plans to break up Telstra are creating a political dispute in the Federal government, with opposition parties calling for a review of that and the National Broadband Network plan

  • Fork-lift truck drivers and the art of making news 19 October 2009

    If you’re looking for stories to promote about your company or your client, start with the fork-lift driver

  • PR can work for businesses, especially in times of crisis 19 October 2009

    How can PR can help you survive in times of crisis? It’s more than a case of keeping up appearances

  • Strike early to get noticed at trade shows by the media 19 October 2009

    How can a company maximise its presence at trade shows and conferences

  • September

    Interview: Barbara Dalibard of Orange 30 September 2009

    Barbara Dalibard, CEO of France Telecom’s Orange Business Services, is overseeing the development of virtual IT services that could cut the cost for small and medium business in emerging markets

  • China pulls ahead of US in broadband connections 21 September 2009

    China has increased its lead in broadband connections over the number two country, the US, in the past 12 months

  • Interview: David Thodey of Telstra 09 September 2009

    New CEO David Thodey is rebuilding relationships with the Australian government and the regulator after Sol Trujillo’s lively occupation of the role, but he remains concerned about the commercial viability of the country’s national broadband network

  • August

    Early days for software as a service 19 August 2009

    Reliable broadband means that service providers from Telstra to Telefónica are starting to offer hosted office applications to their customers for a monthly charge. Sue Tabbitt looks at what is becoming part of telcos’ new ecosystem

  • Innovation Summit: working to drive service innovation 19 August 2009

    The Global Telecoms Business Innovation Summit brought senior management from all corners of the telecoms market and the globe together to share their service innovation experiences and look ahead to how they will shape the market of the future

  • Virtual teams: telcos can sell new services 18 August 2009

    Managed services: teams in companies today may be virtual, but there is a real opportunity for service providers to sell them advanced services as IT managers look at corporate spend, writes Colin Hickey

  • Interview: Dan Hesse of Sprint 14 August 2009

    Sprint CEO Dan Hesse is working with three wireless technologies — and even iDEN, the system acquired with Nextel, has new life with a $50 prepay offer. But now he’s looking to 4G services, using Clearwire’s WiMax network as an MVNO

  • Interview: Ineke Botter of Bakcell 14 August 2009

    Rebranding backs Bakcell’s network expansion through Azerbaijan. Veteran CEO Ineke Botter has been drafted in by Bakcell to regain its lead in a competitive market in central Asia. First steps were network investment and a complete rebrand

  • How Europe took lead from US telecom shake-out 04 August 2009

    The break-up of Nortel is a further symptom of the decline of many of the great names of the US telecoms industry. But the American dream of innovation and attempting the impossible is alive and well, focussing on the next Google

  • Interview: Adrian Dilworth of Vodafone Qatar 02 August 2009

    Vodafone’s new operation in Qatar went from zero to IPO in barely six months, thanks to some bold decisions by the team to find a new way to do things — decisions that may find application in other parts of the empire, CIO Adrian Dilworth tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Interview: Peter Gbedemah of Gateway Communications 01 August 2009

    Gateway Communications, provider of wholesale and corporate services in 40 African countries, is now owned by South African mobile group Vodacom. CEO Peter Gbedemah says there are synergies, and Vodacom’s resources will be valuable, but the company will remain separately managed in order to expand across Africa

  • July

    Interview: Sanjiv Ahuja of Eaton Telecom Infrastructure 24 July 2009

    Sanjiv Ahuja, former CEO of Orange, has assembled a team of senior executives from companies such as Celtel and Vodafone who are planning to buy up operators' existing infrastructure in order to share it between competitors

  • June

    China has barriers to entry, so strategic relations are needed 19 June 2009

    Funding cutting-edge communications businesses

  • Embracing the next generation — economically 19 June 2009

    Evolution, not revolution, is the key to a successful IP migration. Co-sponsored feature: Genband

  • EU wrestles with rules on state aid for broadband 19 June 2009

    The European Commission is considering where and how governments can support the installation of broadband in areas that are badly served. John Pheasant and Suzanne Rab point out that there are inconsistencies in their draft rules

  • How to succeed in turbulent times 19 June 2009

    Telecoms is not without it challenges, but is better placed than many, writes Sean Collins. Companies that innovate to reduce their costs will be better placed for improved times

  • Industry needs to work together and learn from IT’s example 19 June 2009

    Telcos at the crossroads, says Trudy Norris-Grey. Companies should learn from the IT industry and work together to embrace new technology. Otherwise telecoms will become an expensive connectivity industry and all of the value will go elsewhere

  • Refarm spectrum for broadband now, or wait until LTE arrives 19 June 2009

    Third generation mobile technology on the 900 megahertz band will play a major role in extending the reach of mobile broadband and internet services, but it is not the only evolution path for mobile operators, writes Catherine Viola

  • The path to a new world of services 19 June 2009

    The GSM Association’s PathFinder project allows operators to use their installed base of subscriber phone numbers to link users to data and a wide range of new services, explains Michael O’Hara

  • Three key challenges as WiMax grows up into a credit-crunched commercial reality 19 June 2009

    WiMax operators and vendors are convinced they can succeed in competitive mobile broadband markets, reports Caroline Gabriel from the WiMax Forum’s annual conference. Operators are working together on interoperability and roaming trials and they are driving down equipment prices

  • View from underground: mind the communications gap 19 June 2009

    The Olympics are coming to London, but don’t expect to be able use your mobile phone when you’re on the UK capital’s underground rail network, complains Michael Flanagan — even though call revenue would repay the investment

  • May

    Interview: Ron Spears of AT&T 01 May 2009

    AT&T Business Solutions has not been seduced by desires to offer IT to giant multinationals, says CEO Ron Spears. Its own network is key to all it does, but he tells Alan Burkitt-Gray that the company is expanding network-based applications

  • Interview: Boris Nemsic of Telekom Austria 01 May 2009

    Telekom Austria's CEO Boris Nemsic explains the challenges of running a fixed network plus a range of mobile businesses across eastern Europe, while preparing for the task of becoming CEO of VimpelCom

  • Interview: Rhonda O'Donnell of Freshtel 01 May 2009

    Freshtel is an Australian company that is pioneering VoIP-based services not only in its home market but also around the world, particularly in Asia and Europe. Alan Burkitt-Gray asks CEO Rhonda O'Donnell about how she sees the company developing

  • Interview: Bob Switz of ADC 01 May 2009

    Bob Switz has reshaped equipment maker ADC since he moved from the CFO's office to become CEO six years ago. After four significant acquisitions there are more he'd like to make, he tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Interview: Bhaskar Gorti of Oracle 01 May 2009

    Look to the software industry for the real innovation among telecoms vendors, says Oracle's Bhaskar Gorti. Operators are moving to standard architecture and opening up their networks, he tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Interview: Greg Brown of Motorola 01 May 2009

    Greg Brown is co-CEO of Motorola, in charge of the broadband equipment side of the business and sharing responsibility with the head of mobile devices for restructuring one of the industry's famous names. He talks to Alan Burkitt-Gray about the challenges ahead

  • The emerging face of M&A in the telecoms industry 01 May 2009

    The telecoms M&A landscape is changing. Future activity will involve smaller deals involving growth businesses and combinations within countries, say Chris Woodland and Anda Goddard, while on the sell-side companies will seek the disposal of a broader category of non-core assets. Understanding the value and prospects of assets through targeted due diligence is more important than ever. Co-sponsored feature: KPMG

  • Building a business case for mobile unified communications 01 May 2009

    Mobile Office is a powerful value added service for 3G and WiMax networks, writes Jon Doyle. Co-sponsored feature: CommuniGate Systems

  • Planning for the upturn: recession strategies for telecoms operators 01 May 2009

    Rupert Wood looks at what telecoms companies need to do to survive the recession. They're healthier than companies in many other industries, but the downturn will create change and opportunity

  • Competitive and regulatory implications of mobile banking in developing markets 01 May 2009

    The rise of mobile banking in emerging markets is going to create challenges for regulators as they ponder whether to allow one provider to dominate or look for alternatives such as interoperability, writes Jamie Anderson

  • Driving mobile penetration and usage in developing markets 01 May 2009

    Operators wanting to increase business in developing markets should recognise a number of key factors that can help to drive up penetration and usage among poor people, write Jean-Paul Evrard and Ronan Moaligou

  • You can save money by sharing networks — but do get it right 01 May 2009

    Margaret Rice-Jones thinks network operators are right to talk about strategies for network sharing, but warns that it has to be planned and managed carefully

  • How telcos can capitalise on the opportunity for data centres 01 May 2009

    The data centre industry remains one of the few bright spots in a time of economic downturn, says Cesar Bachelet. There are great opportunities for telecoms operators

  • March

    Interview: Saad Al-Barrak of Zain 01 March 2009

    Zain CEO Saad Al-Barrak has led the company through more than six years of rapid growth from its Kuwait home to the biggest operation in Africa and the Middle East. Now he's set to take over Palestine's Paltel

  • Interview: Holly Kramer of Telstra 01 March 2009

    Australia's incumbent operator Telstra is about to start marketing bundled Microsoft software over its broadband network to business users. Telstra director Holly Kramer explains that this is a bold experiment for both companies

  • Market realities that shape BSS and OSS 01 March 2009

    If service providers are to embrace the promise of the mobile broadband era, the costly tax of proprietary integration must be eliminated in favour of the internet based open standards model, says Richard Hallett

  • Survival of fittest will decide suppliers' future 01 March 2009

    Vendors are coming under severe pressure from new competitors and from the changing needs of operators. Klaus von den Hoff conducted a global survey of telecom CTOs and reports their views on the challenges ahead

  • Is finance helping you ride perfect storm? 01 March 2009

    How can finance teams within telecom operators provide the support needed during today's problems? It is now more important than ever that the finance function works alongside the business as an effective business partner, writes Mathea Beck. Co-sponsored feature: KPMG

  • How Zain built 70% share of Iraq market 01 March 2009

    Following our interview with the Zain group CEO, the head of the mobile operator’s operation in Iraq, Ali Al Dahwi, explains the challenges of building a team and a business to the point at which it is market leader. Interview by Jamie Anderson

  • Mobile broadband to reach 1bn connections 01 March 2009

    We’re entering the era of broader and broader mobile broadband, says Michael O’Hara: in three years, there will be a billion connections around the world, and operators and regulators are moving towards networks with peak rates of 100 megabits a second

  • Russia provides speedy link from Europe to Asia 01 March 2009

    Russian operators are looking for new ways to generate growth — including fast links between networks in Europe and those in the Asia-Pacific region. Rodion Levochka, director of Rostelecom, explains his company’s strategy to benefit from the opportunity

  • January

    Interview: Didier Lombard of France Telecom Orange 01 January 2009

    Didier Lombard has rebranded France Telecom as Orange worldwide. Now the CEO is set for his next challenge: a three-year programme starting in March 2009 to integrate the company's operations globally so that fixed and mobile services are seamlessly linked. Interview by Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Energy conservation motivates the next round of wireless competition 01 January 2009

    How can the industry make mobile broadband networks universal while minimising environmental impact? The answer is to be found in the new wave of competitive activity. By David Wang. Co-sponsored feature: Huawei Technologies

  • Interview: Ben Verwaayen of Alcatel-Lucent 01 January 2009

    The merger of Alcatel and Lucent two years ago has not worked. Now, the founding management team has been replaced by former BT boss Ben Verwaayen who is restructuring the company and focussing it on key areas — and listening to the customers and the employees. Alan Burkitt-Gray asks him about his plans

  • Interview: John Killian of Verizon 01 January 2009

    Nearly three years after creating Verizon's international operations out of the old MCI company, John Killian continues to build up assets and is taking the company into professional services

  • Interview: Graeme Ross of KPMG 01 January 2009

    It's tough for many, but the recession means that telcos should be looking harder at ways to improve their performance and drive efficiencies and innovation, Graeme Ross of KPMG tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

  • Outsource through the recession 01 January 2009

    Telcos are being squeezed, writes Matthew Vallance. They have invest more to acquire new customers and must help existing customers find the best deal. Many are now telcos looking to external specialist business process outsourcing companies with deep understanding of the global telecoms industry

  • Change and more change as industry heads towards the mobile internet 01 January 2009

    As the Global Mobile Suppliers Association celebrates its first 10 years as the representative organisation for mobile suppliers worldwide the president, Alan Hadden, looks at the tasks for the next decade

  • Rise of the virtual network challenges network providers to serve customers 01 January 2009

    View from the top: Today's network is a strategic asset that allows companies to displace costs in other areas, such as corporate travel or fuel for service fleets, and reap the benefits of more efficient and greener resource utilisation, writes Sherry Charles