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White Papers

  • Amdocs white paper: Beyond next generation OSS

    This white paper will focus on the impact of NFV as the most disruptive of these technology areas to impact the operational layer.

  • Amdocs white paper: Enabling the 2025 digital experience

    While brand experience and brand affinity used to be the domain of marketing, the speed and lower cost of innovation and the digital capabilities needed to craft these personalised experiences make them the next necessary focus of the entire business.

  • Amdocs white paper: Why 5G won't be enough

    This paper focusses on the industry’s journey towards 5G, its current and plotted position, the impact on business models and the role of the CTO in exploiting 5G and its characteristics.

  • Amdocs white paper: Amdocs' state of the RAN

    At the heart of your customers’ network experiences is the radio access network (RAN). Amdocs’ 2016 State of the RAN report shows how unquenchable data demands, now driven by mobile apps, video and more powerful smartphones, continue to shape users’ mobile expectations and operators’ responses.

  • Amdocs white paper: Addressing the need for agile operations

    Amdocs views the evolution from today’s existing OSS to an operational layer that can fully support the needs of next-generation networks, as critical for the successful adoption of NFV/SDN. This is an evolutionary approach which enhances existing operational system capabilities with new capabilities, rather than a transformational approach where existing components are replaced.

  • Gigamon white paper: De-risking New Service Provider Technology Deployments

    Operators are facing a slew of new technologies to roll out, but this time around there is a difference. In the past, operators have been able to deploy new technologies in series, that is, one after another. With the current new technologies, due to the interdependency on each other, they are linked.