Huawei shipped 29% more handsets in 2016

James Pearce
Published on:

Chinese vendor saw revenues at its consumer division grow by more than 42%, and has set its sights on surpassing Apple to become the number two smartphone maker in the world

Huawei shipped 139 million smartphones in 2016, up 29% on the previous year, despite growth in the handset market stagnating during the year.

The Chinese vendor said it expects revenue from its consumer division to have increased by more than 42% to $25.7 billion for 2016. However, this growth is down slightly year-on-year, from 73% in its previous results.

Huawei is currently the third biggest smartphone-maker in the world in terms of shipments, with an 8.7% share of the market in Q3 2016. Samsung, the market leader, holds a 19.2% share, while Apple sits in second with an 11.5% market share.

Both of Huawei’s rivals saw their share decline, however, from 2015, when Samsung held a 23.6% share and Apple held a 13% share. Huawei’s own share was up 1% year on year.

According to CEO of Huawei’s consumer division Richard Yu, the manufacturer is aiming to become the number two smartphone maker within the next few years.

Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Yu said: “"We never hide our ambition. We have a vision to make the world's best smartphone.

"Our company is a different management style than other companies. We call it collective wisdom. We are not only diligent…we are also flexible."