MWC: Huawei calls for lifting of US ban

Alan Burkitt-Gray
Published on:

Huawei head Guo Ping says Americans are losing out on mobile services because Chinese vendors are banned from bidding for US network contracts

American consumers are paying more for their mobile services because only two European equipment vendors can bid for network contracts, said the head of Huawei at Mobile World Congress.

Guo Ping, one of three CEOs who take it in turns to lead the Chinese vendor, renewed the company’s campaign to be allowed to bid for network equipment orders from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile US and Verizon. Huawei and ZTE are both banned because of fears by US politicians that networks can be used for espionage – allegations that both companies deny.

“Our American friends need to pay a higher price to buy less competitive services,” said Guo in an interview at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

But if the US does not lift the ban, “we can wait”, said Guo, who shares the position of CEO with Eric Xu and Ken Hu, each taking the role for six months in turn.

“We still maintain pretty good growth rates without the US,” he added. GTB