Turkcell offers instant broadband upgrade

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Customers of Turkcell’s broadband unit can increase speed to 100 megabits for 24 hours by text message

Turkish broadband company Turkcell Superonline is letting its fibre customers increase speed on demand to 100 megabits for 24 hours for €4.16.

The company, a subsidiary of mobile operator Turkcell, says customers are able to increase speed automatically, whatever tariff package they are on or whatever their normal speed, when they need faster access. Turkcell Superonline charges 9.90 Turkish lira for the 24 hours of faster connection.

The upgrade can be used three times in a month, says Turkcell. Customers send a text message saying “turbo” to request the upgrade. The new service is called Turbo Buton — “Buton” means “button” in Turkish.

The company offers its fibre connected customers speeds up to one gigabit a second.

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