Telefónica launches its global e-health unit

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Telefónica CEO César Alierta has launched a electronic health unit that will sell services in 11 countries

Telefónica has launched a new operation aimed at winning business in electronic health monitoring and healthcare.
The new unit, based at the company’s head office in Madrid, will cover 11 countries where Telefónica operates — five in Europe including Spain and six in Latin America.
Company chairman César Alierta said at the launch that the unit “aims to become a standard bearer in the areas of products, pilot projects and know-how”.
According to Alvaro Fernandez de Araoz, director of the new unit, the business will sell services to local health organisations and to carers. Products include a sign language translation service, to link deaf people to call centres and other services, and systems to help people rehabilitate after surgery. Much of the development took place at Telefónica’s specialist health R&D unit in Granada.
Telefónica is working with Intel and Cisco on projects and is a member of the Continua Health Alliance, a cross-industry organisation which sets up protocols for interconnecting electronic health equipment. The GSM Association is also a member.
“Governments are being squeezed. We need to reduce health care costs,” Fernandez de Araoz told Global Telecoms Business. GTB