IBM to offer cloud for government

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IBM is to offer a cloud computing service to US federal agencies and is piloting a project for municipal bodies in the US

IBM is to launch two community-based cloud initiatives for both federal and municipal governments in the US. The Federal Community Cloud will provide a shared IT infrastructure to government users only. The product, which will enable US government agencies to run programs and access data, will be sold for a monthly subscription fee.
IBM will release its Municipal Shared Services Cloud and a pilot project will offer local governments software-as-a-service until mid-2011. After reviewing the project, the company may begin selling the product as a service.
Several cities in New York and Michigan have already signed up for the municipal pilot programme. Independent software companies will be allowed to provide their products on the platform.
Two customers have already signed up to use IBM’s Federal Community Cloud. The service will be available after IBM receives US government certification under the Federal Information Security Management Act. GTB