Orange to run Ethiopian monopoly

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France Telecom is to manage Ethio Telecom, which has replaced ETC as Ethiopia’s monopoly operator

France Telecom has entered into a two-year agreement to manage Ethiopia’s state-owned monopoly telecoms network, Ethio Telecom. France Telecom will earn up to $40 million from the deal.
All of Ethio’s current employees will remain on the payroll until the last person is redeployed in the new company.
France Telecom aims to improve and modernise Ethio Telecom’s overall business aspect by implementing a new organisational structure. Ethio replaced the Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation on November 29 to help expand services and infrastructure.
The government has no plans to privatise the company, which has 2.56 million mobile customers and 911,000 fixed lines. Ethiopia has a population of 88 million, giving it a mobile penetration of only 2.9%.
In 2008, ZTE signed a deal with Ethiopia to build next-generation telecoms networks in 14 cities. GTB