FCC approves new internet rules

Published on:

Julius Genachowski and the FCC have approved rules banning US telcos from interfering with legal online content

 The US regulator has approved new regulations designed to prevent internet service providers from blocking or interfering with online content.
The Federal Communications Commission rules prevent broadband companies from secretly restricting internet services and require that they make public information about how their networks function.
The rules also prohibit service providers from restricting any kind of lawful online traffic, and ban the providers from engaging in “unreasonable discrimination” that would result in some internet content being given favourable treatment, including faster download speeds.
The regulations, which are also expected to be challenged in court, cover both fixed internet services and the wireless data networks offered by mobile phone companies.
The proposal has divided the five-member FCC board, chaired by Julius Genachowski: two Republican party members opposed the new regulations, while three Democratic party commissioners gave their approval. GTB