EU vote means Reding likely to stay on

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The European Parliament’s vote to reappoint José Manuel Barroso as president of the European Commission means Viviane Reding is likely to stay on for a further term as commissioner in charge of telecoms.

Barroso was elected by 382 members of the European Parliament with 219 against and 117 abstaining, and will now serve for a second five-year term as the head of the European Commission.

In his statement to the parliament, he said that the next commission — the administrative centre of the 27-nation European Union — will develop a “European digital agenda” that will tackle the main obstacles to a genuine digital single market, promote investment in high-speed internet and avert an unacceptable digital divide”.

No official statement has been made, but it is believed that Viviane Reding is now likely to continue as an activist commissioner in charge of the EU’s information society and media policy.

She has already been active in promoting her vision for a digital Europe over the next five years. In a speech in July 2009 she said a digital economy would help economic modernisation and generate sustainable growth and jobs — and outlined her plans for stimulating the demand side of Europe’s digital economy, covering issues such as mobile commerce and a low-carbon economy.

Barroso told the European Parliament: “Because of the increasing dependence of our economies and societies on the internet, a major initiative to boost network security will also be proposed.” GTB