Huawei wins and loses patent cases

Alan Burkitt-Gray
Published on:

Samsung loses against Huawei in China, but Huawei loses London case on patents

Huawei has won a patents case in China but lost another in the UK – though Huawei welcomed the ruling in London, as the compensation was less than the claim.

Regional courts in Quanzhou, Huizhou and Tianjin have ordered Samsung to pay the equivalent of $11.6 million after finding that the South Korean company infringed Huawei’s handset patents.

Huawei alleged that Samsung used Huawei intellectual property on three Galaxy models. Huawei welcomed the ruling. The Korea Herald said Samsung was reviewing the ruling.

Meanwhile in London the High Court found against Huawei in a patents case brought by US company Unwired Planet. A Huawei official told the Daily Telegraph: “We welcome the decision by the court that Unwired Planet’s royalty rate demands have been found to be unreasonable. Huawei is still evaluating the decision as well as its possible next steps. Huawei does not believe that this decision will adversely affect its global business operations.”

The London court said the decision affected a global licence for Unwired Planet’s patents, which it bought from Ericsson in 2013. The judge ruled that Huawei would have to pay royalties of 0.03-0.06% of handset sales.